+4 degrees above the average since May-

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Mare, the first results of the European project that also involves Enea and Cnr: from 10 May the sea hit by a heat wave with peaks of over 23 degrees

Increasingly hot temperatures in the Mediterranean: from 10 May the sea hit by a heat wave that raised the surface temperature by about 4 degrees compared to the average of the 1985-2005 period, with peaks exceeding 23 degrees. These are the first results of the CAREHeat project funded by the European Space Agency, in which Enea and Cnr participate for Italy. The project aims to develop new methodologies to predict and identify heat waves, understand their propagation and impacts on the environment, biodiversity and economic activities, such as fishing and aquaculture.

The dynamics

The research activities began with the study of the heat wave currently affecting the Mediterranean Sea starting from the analysis of the available satellite data that first detected the thermal anomaly, with values ​​comparable to the 2003 heat wave, underlines Salvatore Marullo of the Enea Laboratory of Climate Modeling and Impacts. since the beginning of May, temperatures have been recorded in the Mediterranean area well above the seasonal average and also the first half of June was characterized by meteorological situations typical of the more advanced phases of the summer season, he adds.

Climate change

The changes begin to have a concrete impact on everyday life, on economic activities up to the individual citizen, passing through the worsening of migratory phenomena, highlights Gianmaria Sannino, head of the Enea Laboratory of Climate and Impact Modeling. Therefore it is advisable to quantitatively define the phenomena in progress to understand their causes and predict their developments.

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