4, Is there a curfew for July 5? Will there be a curfew on the weekend?

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Curfew recently started to come up again recently, after the increasing number of corona viruses. However, after the scientific committee meeting, which was decisive in making the decision, no information regarding the curfew was given, so the curfew will not be applied this week.

Is there a curfew on the weekend?  Has the curfew been declared for July 4, 5?


After seeing that some citizens did not apply individual measures such as social distances and wearing masks, the number of cases increased again recently. However, a decision on the curfew was not announced after the scientific board meeting and the cabinet meeting. There is currently no curfew that covers the weekend.

Reminding that the number of cases increased with the end of restrictions such as curfew, Koca continued his words as follows;

“After the success of getting under a thousand in our new case numbers, we started to experience some uneasiness after the recent increases. We should know that these developments are not parallel with those in the world. ”

“Increases in the number of cases are increases that can be brought under control. What we have to do is to look for suitable options in our daily life. Combating the epidemic does not want us the impossible. ”



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