The astrological line-up in July is more crowded than the main stage of Coachella. Above all, it's the Eclipse season. ThenSix planets are expected to decline during the summer, five at the same time in July. Now it seems that we can also count on the moon to bring its lunar layer into the astrological atmosphere of July. July new moon astrology predictions are swept in the planetary movements. But do not worry, this dizzying month will not make you feel like you've just strayed from an intense roller coaster ride. There are many considerations that you can look forward to.

Expect the impact of the new moon on July 12 at 22:47. ET, after time and date, As always, the sky will not glow because this phase of the moon produces about zero moonbeams. But things will be lit on a more spiritual level. The new moon phase of the lunar cycle is considered a good time for a new beginning. Because, you know, the new moon is the beginning of a new cycle. HOWEVER, the new moon of July is much more than a simple fresh start because of the planet Mars, which is declining, and a partial solar eclipse that takes place on the same day. It's more about a refresher. What a perfect midsummer moon sounds like.

Go with the river


Astrologically astrologers recommend to all earthlings to adjust to the navigation system of the universe on the 12th of July for the first july eclipse and the new moon. Even if you are confused by the route you are leading, it is important to stay on course. Eclipses are seen as significant times of change and transformation. Even if the route looks a little sketchy or is out of the way, the goal being connected is still your biggest, higher purpose. The thing that should be.

Forever conscious "If things go away or break off during the Eclipse season, it's usually a good idea to be alert and go with the flow."

Stuff from the past will come


We have not had a partial solar eclipse in cancer since 2011 Curls"For the first time since 2011, the lunar nodes (which reveal the upper and lower limits of the Moon's orbit) will oscillate over the Crab and Capricorn for the next two years." When things come back from when they reappear, they know. And if the year 2011 was completely impassable, the energy of this new moon could take you on a completely new journey.

But there will be new beginnings


Even if the past decides to see how you're doing since the story, that does not mean you get stuck there. It's 2018 and 2011 is still like 2011, Things have changed, you too! And guess what? You will continue to change – or better, transform. The new moon of July will still be the beginning of something new. Forever conscious says, "Think of them as Super New Moons, helping us to shed our way forward and think about the new." Notice who appears and what events occur during this phase. All of this has the potential to be what you can expect on the path the universe leads. Remember, we go with the flow?

You should expect things to slow down


A lot is happening, but as Mars is currently declining, all of these new vibrations may not take effect immediately. Mars, the planet of action, changes the pace of things and provides a time for reflection. Now is the time to be patient. It's an appropriate time to watch the to-do list and not wait. Even if you find that this is more frustrating than invigorating, you know that you will get ahead. If you've gone down the drain and really meditated on the moral of … The turtle and the hare (Spoil alert: slowly and steadily wins the race), you can expect satisfactory results on the road.


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