4 Latest Facts about DNA Pro Suspects Caught Hiding in 5 Star Hotels


Bareskrim Polri has again arrested a new suspect in the case of the DNA Pro trading robot. Some of the latest facts related to the DNA Pro case were also revealed.

As is known, the National Police Criminal Investigation Unit has previously named a total of 12 suspects in the robot case trading DNA Pro. A total of six suspects have been arrested, and six others are still on the DPO (wanted list).

“So far, there are 12 suspects who have been arrested and detained,” said Head of Sub-Directorate I Dittipideksus Kombes Yuldi Yusman when asked for confirmation, Saturday (9/4/2022).

Yuldi said the six DPOs were among them owner, director, founder until co-founder. Police are also tracking the assets of this case. It didn’t take long for the other two suspects to be arrested.

Here are the latest facts.

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