4 masked people break into apartment, steal cash and run away 1 arrested Osaka | NHK

On the early morning of the 20th, four masked people broke into an apartment in Tennoji Ward, Osaka, threatened the residents, took cash and luxury bags, and escaped. One of the suspects, a 21-year-old man, was arrested by the police. The other three suspects are still at large.

The incident occurred at around 2:10 am in Ikutama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka. According to the police, the masked individuals threatened the 31-year-old resident of the apartment, saying, “If you don’t want to die, shut up.” They then took cash and luxury bags before fleeing the scene.

The police were alerted to the incident when the resident ordered delivery was placed in front of the entrance and the resident came into the room when the door was opened to take it. The stolen cash was reported to be 5 million yen and the bag was worth 3 million yen.

The police are currently investigating the relationship between the arrested suspect and the other three suspects, as well as investigating the whereabouts of the men who fled.

A security camera in a multi-tenant building located about 20 meters from the apartment where the incident occurred showed footage from the time of the incident. Around 2:20 a.m., one person who is believed to have been involved in the incident runs toward the back of the screen as if to run away, and multiple police officers are chasing him from behind.