4 MbS Crazy Plans to Turn the Saudi Desert Into a Las Vegas ‘Paradise’

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Arab Saudi back in the spotlight after the government King Salman plans to allow the sale and consumption of drinks alcohol in certain areas.

Through a document obtained The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)Saudi Arabia plans to allow the sale and consumption of wine, cocktails, and champagne at a resort located in the ‘futuristic city’ Neom.



If confirmed, this would be the latest rule imposed by the kingdom’s government that makes Saudi, a conservative country that still applies Islamic sharia law, to become increasingly moderate. The reason, so far, Saudi prohibits the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages throughout the country.

What is Neom City?

The city of Neom is part of a Saudi mega-project that is still ongoing. This future city is built in Tabuk Province, northwest of Saudi Arabia facing Egypt across the Red Sea.

MbS claims that Neom City will be built on an area of ​​26,500 kilometers on an arid desert land complete with high technology and has a capacity for 450,000 people in 2026 and nine million residents in 2045. This futuristic city is planned to be completed in stages starting 2025.

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Neom is just one part of a massive $1 trillion Saudi tourism project. The project is part of Saudi Vision 2030 which has been initiated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) since taking the throne in 2017.

The vision aims to diversify the Saudi economy so that it does not rely solely on oil. Now, the tourism sector is one of the taps of state revenue for Saudi.

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The Line

In Neom City, the Saudis will also build an ambitious 500-meter-high, 200-meter-wide and 170-kilometer-long skyscraper called The Line.

Prince MbS as the Board of Directors announced the construction design of The Line on July 25.

A mockup of the project was also exhibited at the Dhahran Expo this September 6-21. This ambitious project is worth US$100 billion to US$200 billion.


The Saudis are also planning to build an octagonal industrial city or Oxagon and a 30-story winter resort on the side of the region’s mountains. The city of Oxagon will be partially built to float above the Red Sea.

According to site Neom’s mega project, Oxagon will be the largest above sea level structure in the world. Saudi Arabia also plans to implement 100 percent clean energy sources in Oxagon, covering an area of ​​​​48 square kilometers.

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4 Crazy MbS Projects Turn the Saudi Desert Into Las Vegas’ Paradise World