4 Signs of Measles Disease Will Heal – Measles is an infectious disease that needs to be watched out for, especially in children under five or people who have never received measles immunization.

Until now there is no specific measles drug to ward off this disease caused by infection with the paramyxovirus virus.

However, proper medical treatment can help sufferers recover from measles and prevent complications from this disease.

Check out how to treat measles so that the disease heals quickly and the following signs of measles will heal.

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How to treat measles

According to Indonesian Pediatrician Associationthere are several ways to treat measles that doctors usually recommend, including:

  • Provide nutritious nutritional intake to patients
  • Meet the needs of fluids or give plenty to drink to prevent dehydration in sufferers
  • If the patient has complications from bacterial infections such as ear inflammation or pneumonia, the patient needs to be given antibiotics according to a doctor’s prescription
  • Give two doses of vitamin A supplements

Even though there is no specific measles medication, some of the measles treatments above can help minimize the risk of complications from this infectious disease.

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Measles symptoms will heal

Infectious disease expert Prof. Dr. dr. Hinky Hindra Irawan Satari, Sp. A, Subsp. IPT, M.TropPaed explained, measles usually heals after seven days.

“Patients generally recover after one week of fever,” explained Hinky, as quoted from BetweenFriday (27/1/2022).

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Hinky said, there are several signs that measles will recover, including:

  • Fever temperature gradually drops
  • The red patches or rashes turn dark brown in color, are somewhat scaly, and peel
  • Appetite increased again
  • The body returns to being active as before the illness

“After the fever starts to go down, if complications don’t occur or the patient can be treated, those are signs that measles will be cured. So, the illness takes about a week,” said Hinky.

In addition to providing proper treatment, keep in mind that this disease can be prevented and the risk of infection can be minimized with measles immunization.

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