4 stories of beautiful flight attendants that make netizens excited, Number 3 is really sad: Okezone Travel

ADA 4 stories air hostess beautiful that makes excited and interesting to peel. Stewardess is one of the professions that many young people are looking for.

Who doesn’t want to be a flight attendant? The flight attendant has a glamorous image, a big salary, and a beautiful face. Not only that, by becoming a flight attendant you will certainly have experience flying to every region and even country.

Nah, Okayzone has 4 stories of beautiful flight attendants that make a scene. Why do you think so? Check out the following information.

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4 Beautiful Stewardess Stories That Make a Shock

1. Theresia Mariana Susanti on the Presidential Plane

In 2014, President Joko Widodo visited North Sumatra and visited refugee camps for residents affected by the eruption of Mount Sinabung. In the presidential plane used by Jokowi and his entourage, a flight attendant named Theresia Mariana Susanti went viral.

The beautiful face of the Indonesian Air Force flight attendant captivated netizens. Her beautiful photos spread on social media which made Theresia even more known.

2. Inanike Agusta who prays on the plane

Inanike Agusta, who used to serve as a flight attendant at Garuda Indonesia, had shocked the virtual world. At that time, Inanike was photographed praying on the plane, even though he was still busy at work.

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The photo uploaded by Eddie Putra has amazed and praised him.

“We would like to convey that the task of Garuda cabin crew (stewardess) in flight activities is to provide services in the ‘service’ and ‘safety’ aspects. , Garuda flight attendants took the time to carry out their religious services,” said Garuda Indonesia VP of Corporate Communications, Pujobroto.

3. Nur Febriani was hit by a passenger

The incident of beating this beautiful flight attendant occurred in 2013. At that time, Nur Febriani was the victim of a beating by Zakaria. At that time, Febriani was still a flight attendant for Sriwijaya Air.

Febriani admonishes Zakaria politely to turn off his cellphone but Zakaria gets angry. The incident continued when the plane had landed in Bangka Belitung.

Unexpectedly, Zakaria hit Febriani and got angry. According to him, Zakaria felt not served as a passenger. The case was legally processed on Febriani’s own report.

4. Pigeon Stewardess Who Assists Childbirth

January 6, 2013, a pregnant passenger boarding from Timika to Makassar suddenly felt unbearable heartburn. Turns out she was about to give birth.

Seeing this condition, the cabin crew who were on duty at that time were immediately ready to assist the delivery process. The swift attitude of the flight attendants in helping the delivery process bore fruit when the baby was born safely.

Thus 4 beautiful flight attendant stories that made a scene.