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Everyone has a different way of starting weight loss, and this can also change depending on aging – that’s why it can happen that the extra kilos can pile up even after decades of regular training. If someone feels that it is more difficult to lose weight over 40, it certainly is, and it is a completely normal part of the process.

As metabolism and hormone balance change, previous weight loss tricks may no longer be usefulor at least it takes much more time to achieve a spectacular result with them.

Healthy lifestyle over 40

At this age, muscle mass also decreases, which may be the reason for the slowed metabolism, considering that the metabolism is also influenced by the muscles – the more muscle, the faster the metabolism. In addition, the menopause also affects it, although this usually only occurs around the age of 50, the hormonal changes that precede it already begin and can make it difficult to lose weight. Fortunately, certain healthy habits and lifestyle changes can help you permanently get rid of stubborn fat pads, and they are also completely free.

Watch your water intake

Soft drinks with sugar or even sweeteners can also lead to obesity. About the former provedthat they are directly related to being overweight, even in spite of regular exercise. Sugars spike blood sugar and insulin levels, which encourages the body to store fat. About artificial sweeteners Comprehensive analysis by WHO revealed that they may be related to the development of type 2 diabetes associated with abdominal obesity and deterioration of carbohydrate metabolism. It is better to drink water, perhaps unsweetened tea or coffee, and only occasionally use natural sweeteners, such as erythritol. Drinking water, especially when it’s cold, burns calories in itself.

Minimize alcohol consumption

More and more harmful effects of alcohol consumption are known, including memory disorders, it also increases the risk of heart and liver disease, burdens the pancreas, can result in stomach pain, and disrupts metabolic processes that otherwise inhibit the utilization of life-giving glucose in the cells, thereby causing fat storage.

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In addition, it can even lead to water retention and has an appetite-stimulating effect, proved it also increases the daily or next day calorie intake. You should reduce your consumption to once or twice a week, and note that already very little of it causes obesity.

Change up your training

Finish it full body strength training 1-2 times a week. For women who apply this twice a week, proved their body fat percentage decreases in the long term. It is worth focusing on different muscle groups, be it leg, trunk, back, arm, pectoral, shoulder and triceps exercises, complement this with cardio. The core is especially important because it targets belly fat, but of course that doesn’t mean it will magically make you toned. The TrA muscles, i.e. the transverse abdominis, are the deepest of the six abdominal muscles. Targeted training of this makes the waist slimmer and can even be effective against lower back pain. They are useful, for example isometric exercises.


Reduce stress

Stress increases the body’s cortisol level, and as you get older, you can experience this unpleasant, frustrating feeling more and more often. By the way, this hormone encourages the body to store fat instead of burning it. Every day, especially before going to bed do breathing exercisesto calm the body, maybe start and end the day with a few minutes of yoga or meditation. Maintaining mental health is key to fighting obesity.

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With the right methods and a little persistence, it’s never too late to achieve spectacular results.

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