4 Ways to Overcome Obesity Naturally – How to overcome obesity naturally can be done by optimizing physical activity to control eating patterns.

These efforts if carried out in a measurable and consistent manner are effective for losing weight and reducing the consequences of obesity which have a negative impact on long-term health.

This approach to natural weight loss programs is usually suitable for mild obesity.

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Reported from the official page Ministry of Healthhow to overcome obesity naturally the main principle is to regulate energy balance.

By keeping the intake of energy sources that enter the body smaller than the amount of energy expended for activities, obese people can achieve and maintain an ideal body weight.

Here are some steps:

Regulating diet is important to overcome obesity. Usually, doctors recommend obese people to cut their daily calorie intake.

Try starting to adjust your diet again with the composition of half of the plate filled with vegetables and fruit, a quarter of which contains rice or other carbohydrate sources, and the remaining quarter contains side dishes or protein.

The emotional pattern of eating is the habit of overeating and consuming unhealthy types of food because of emotions, not because of hunger.

Usually, people with emotional eating patterns consume high intakes of sugar, salt, and bad fats.

To overcome obesity, this emotional eating pattern needs to be controlled. The trick is to recognize, understand, and control the emotions that are being felt.

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  • Pay attention to physical activity and sports

Overcoming obesity also requires support for regular low to moderate intensity exercise every day.

That way, the process of burning energy increases and there is an increase in muscle mass.
In addition to regular exercise, to prevent the accumulation of energy in the body, make sure obese people are active every day.

Avoid sitting or lying down for long and try to reach the target of 10,000 steps per day.

Lack of sleep can cause hormonal balance disorders, so a person is more prone to obesity.

When you are sleep deprived, the hormone ghrelin, which controls hunger, increases. In addition, the hormone leptin, which regulates satiety, also decreases, so people are constantly hungry.

Lack of sleep can also make people eat more than usual and tend to choose unhealthy foods.

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How to overcome obesity with drugs and medical measures

If various natural ways to overcome obesity are less effective and are still far from the ideal body weight target, obese people need to consult a doctor.

Reported from Mayo Clinic, There are several programs and treatments for weight loss for obese people, including:

  • Therapy by taking weight loss drugs
  • Endoscopic procedures for weight loss
  • Gastric surgery for weight loss

Discuss with your doctor the most appropriate medical treatment to treat obesity, including its side effects.

Keep in mind, efforts to lose weight to this ideal number need consistency and good self-control.

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If you’re having trouble with it, don’t hesitate to ask for support from family, spouse, friends, or fellow obese people.

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