“40% of Delta infected are vaccinated with two Pfizer doses”

In Israel, where the percentage of vaccinated against Covid is the highest in the world and where both the zero infections and zero deaths from coronavirus had been reached for some time, there is a surge in infections due to of the Delta variant of the mysterious disease. The authorities of the Jewish state, after having lifted restrictions on restrictions on the basis of the excellent results of the immunization campaign, were forced, due to the aforementioned variant, to recently reintroduce some emergency measures, such as the obligation to wear masks. What worries the experts above all is the fact that the 40% of the people affected by the offending mutation are people who have completed the vaccination cycle, with the Pfizer preparation.

The news of the many Israelis immunized with Pfizer who still contracted the infection immediately alarmed world public opinion, given that the Middle Eastern country had so far been considered a real one “laboratory“: everything that happened there in terms of fighting the epidemic would be replicated in other countries in close proximity. As a result, the fact that in Israel 40% of those infected with the Delta variant are made up of individuals vaccinated with Pfizer double dose is asking the authorities around the world to question the effectiveness of anti-Covid preparations and how long it will take the infection to spread far and wide, from Europe to America.

Meir Ouziel, an Israeli journalist, then gave voice to the disorientation that his compatriots are experimenting these days in the face of the effects of the Delta variant: “The virus, which the Israelis considered defeated, has infiltrated the country. And then, in the last few days, all of a sudden the new infections have begun to appear. They are still contained, but they grow. Thus began the first terrible wave which then spread all over the world. Small numbers sprang up everywhere and became unmanageable. We are faced with a huge behavioral experiment. If Israel has until now been the world’s laboratory for measuring the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign, now it can become one to examine another question: how will people who thought they were safe because immunized will behave when the possibility that the virus can overcome the vaccine shield?“.

Recently, however, the scientist Enrico Bucci, who has “put order“about the true numbers of the contagion underway in the Middle Eastern country. The main demonstration that carpet vaccination is working in that country also against the Delta variant, highlights the luminary, is the fact that”hospitalizations in Israel have been stationary or have been decreasing slightly for at least three weeks“. He then remarked:”The overall case fatality rate of the Delta variant, i.e. the number of individuals who became infected and died, appears lower than in the past – an effect that is expected if the vaccine decreases the clinical severity of the infection.“. Although the data cited by Bucci require further information and additions, the academic concluded with optimistic tones regarding the efficacy of vaccines against the Delta variant:”What is certain is that at the moment there is no number to cry out for vaccine failure in the face of the Delta variant; and those who gibberish about vaccinated percentages among the infected, without considering where those percentages come from, only try to feed distrust in vaccines, as they have probably always done previously with other topics“.