400 arrests in mass protest marches in Belarus

In Belarus there are mass demonstrations against the outcome of the presidential elections on 9 August. According to the official results, President Lukashenko won, but the opposition speaks of large-scale fraud and is calling for new elections. Since then, Belarusians have taken to the streets every day. Thousands of protesters have already been arrested. Opposition politicians were also arrested or expelled from the country under unclear circumstances.

Most people take to the streets on Sundays. On Saturday, the opposition organizes a special women’s march. There, too, the police acted harshly yesterday. According to human rights organization Viasna, 93 protesters were arrested.

Lukashenko will speak to Russian President Putin in Sochi tomorrow. It is unknown what the two will discuss. Today the Russian news agency Ria Novosti already announced that Russia is sending soldiers to Belarus for joint exercises.

Mars in The Hague

A solidarity march was organized in The Hague today by Belarusians from the Benelux. They went to the Belarusian embassy in The Hague.

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