Business 44th day of strike marked by targeted actions

44th day of strike marked by targeted actions


The day after a sixth day of demonstrations marked by a decline in mobilization, several targeted actions were organized this Friday for the 44th day of the movement against pension reform. In the evening, demonstrators gathered in front of a Parisian theater where Emmanuel Macron attended a show. After an attempted intrusion into the room, the President of the Republic was exfiltrated.

Earlier in the day, also in Paris, an intrusion at the headquarters of the CFDT, favorable to the universal pension system by points denounced by the strikers, aroused many reactions from political and union leaders. “A few dozen individuals broke into the premises of the Confederation” and have “verbally and physically assaulted employees“Denounced Laurent Berger, the general secretary of the first French union, in a tweet. “We condemn this act and we will not be intimidated“, he added. Questioned by AFP, the CFDT said that it was an action of the “SNCF-RATP coordination», Born at the first mention of an unlimited strike in October against the pension reform.

It was a violent intrusion. They were thirty. An employee was put on the ground, there were insults“, We told the CFDT, which will”probably complain“. According to a police source, “At 12.55 p.m. at the CFDT headquarters, a hundred CGT activists gathered in front of the site before about twenty people broke into the premises“. “Around 2.30 p.m., all the people left the building“.

Emmanuel Macron denounced this violence on LCI Friday at the end of the day. “I strongly condemn what happened this afternoon. I called the secretary general of the CFDT Laurent Berger, the violence against unionists, regardless of the union confederations, is a shame for our democracy and unacceptable“Said the head of state. The CGT also condemned “this type of actionIn a press release.

The Louvre blocked, the broadcast of the “Grandes Gueules” disrupted

Also in Paris, more than a hundred demonstrators blocked the entrance to the Louvre pyramid by waving flags and chanting:We will go until withdrawal!They called on tourists massed in front of the security barriers to join the movement – without success, even attracting a few boos in return. However, the museum was unable to open during the day. According to a striker interviewed by AFP, all those who had a ticket will be reimbursed.

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Culture workers remain very mobilized, with a call from the CGT show to demonstrate during the wishes of Minister Franck Riester Monday at 6.30 p.m. at the National Library of France. The Minister also announced Friday the cancellation of the ceremony of vows, the conditions not being met “so that it takes place serenely“, Said the services of the ministry.

A hundred demonstrators blocked the entrance to the Louvre pyramid. Reuters.

Earlier in the day, some 200 protesters opposed to the pension reform disrupted and then interrupted around 10:30 am the program “Grandes Gueules” relocated to Halles de Béziers (Hérault), according to the police and RMC. These people, including railway workers, lawyers, teachers and “yellow vests”, began to demonstrate from the start of the live broadcast. In a statement, RMC and RMC Story management, “outraged”, said they reserved the “right to act on any legal remedy“.

We know the social situation of the moment and when we started the show here in Béziers, a group of demonstrators arrived: CGT, Sud-Rail etc. which started to make noise. He was quite good. They asked to speak. (…) We proposed that one of them come at the end of the broadcast but obviously, that was not enough so the demonstration intensified“Explained one of the presenters of the show, Alain Marschall on the RMC website. “Within the procession, people were a little more excited than the others and unplugged the cable from our car-room, blew up homemade firecrackers next to the bus“, he added. “We preferred to stop for the safety and physical integrity of our technical teams and for the publicConcluded the presenter.

Lawyers multiply actions

For their part, the lawyers multiplied the actions during the formal hearings of re-entry of the courts of appeal. A hundred of them also observed a silent sit-in in Lyon. In Grenoble, their counterparts formed a reception hedge for the authorities invited to the return hearing. Some 300 lawyers observed Friday in Caen a minute of silence. In Orleans, they hung black balloons on the gates of the courthouse and in Bourges, they sang “Bella ciao” before throwing their dresses on the ground. In Bordeaux, lawyers hung their dresses at the doors of the courthouse in protest.

The lawyers have multiplied the actions this Friday. AFP

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New actions are planned in the coming days. The CGT federation of Ports and Docks calls for a new operation “dead ports” next week, for 72 hours, after the three days of work stoppage last week. At the Banque de France, the strike movement launched on Monday by several unions including the CGT continues on several sites. The movement could extend to “cash transporters (who supply distributors), particularly in Ile-de-France“Assured Pascal Gabay of the CGT. A 7th day of interprofessional mobilization will take place Friday, January 24, on the occasion of the presentation of the pension reform project in the Council of Ministers.



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