4K TV sales: the 55-inch Mi TV 4K for less than €400

News bon plan 4K TV sales: the 55-inch Mi TV 4K for less than €400

Published on 06/26/2022 at 14:35

Finally a really cheap TV for these summer sales! With the Xiaomi P1 at less than 400 euros, you can enjoy 4K at a very low price at Fnac, especially for a size of 55 inches!

The 55-inch Xiaomi Mi P1 4K TV is only €399 at Fnac!

100 € less, just that!

This is the good plan that is now offered at Fnac on a very nice Xiaomi 4K TV.

The P1 in the 55-inch version is thus only €399.99 instead of €499.99.

Already inexpensive at first, it becomes even more interesting during this sales period thanks to this good plan!

Buy the 55-inch 4K Mi TV at €399 at Fnac

Xiaomi P1 55 inches: ultra affordable 4K!

The P1 is a large 4K screen, for an extremely low price.

To achieve this, Xiaomi necessarily had to make concessions. But then, is this TV worth it?

  • TLDR: Yes. If you’re looking for a big 4K screen for gaming and watching your favorite entry-level movies and series, this is an excellent choice.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for an excellent screen with an impeccable image that will still be on top in several years, go your way, this Xiaomi P1 is clearly not for you.

Let’s start by saying one thing: 4K at 55 inches, even at the initial price, is very inexpensive.

We are still on a screen with a diagonal of 138.8 cm here!

If it will be largely capable of displaying images from your PlayStation 5 or your Xbox Series, you will be able to have 4K, but not the famous 120 frames per second.

With its sweeping frequency of 60 Hz, it is still a great gaming experience that will await you.

Compatible with HDR content, however, this is not its specialty, let’s be honest.

For the image quality, we can count on a very good native contrast!

And on the rest, we are on the effective. It’s a pretty smooth Android TV that will be able to access your favorite apps like Youtube or Netflix. It can even be controlled by voice using the microphone on the remote control.

  • The bonus point: the power consumption is quite low on this model which only consumes 150 Watts in operation. On a basis of 1000h in SDR mode, you will only use 100 kWh.

Buy the 55-inch 4K Mi TV at €399 at Fnac

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