5 books by Isabel Allende you should read

The literary universe is celebrating today, as one of the great writers of the moment turns 79 years old. Isabel Allende was born a day like today in 1942 in Lima (Peru), and until today he has dedicated his life to letters, with impeccable talent and a bibliography worthy of recognition. His will to live is as evident as the sales success of his work, being one of the most widely read writers in the world -the most widely read in the Spanish language-, and giving the literary scene authentic gems of narrative. Now, to celebrate his years so well completed, we remember 5 Allende books that are worth reading.

1. “The house of the spirits” (1982)

“The house of the spirits”, by Isabel AllendePOCKET

It was his first great novel and the one that catapulted him to the top of the literary scene. Framed in magical realism, the work focuses on themes such as love and death, as well as ghosts. A story full of spirituality and adventures whose quality was such that it was even compared to “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, by Gabriel García Márquez. It narrates the life of the Trueba family, who It spans four generations and reflects the social and political problems of postcolonial Chile.