News 5 consequences of sleeping without removing makeup

5 consequences of sleeping without removing makeup


More pimples come out: The occlusion of the pores will favor the appearance of pimples and inflammation and also contribute to the appearance of spots. Not removing make-up a single night already has negative effects on the skin. It is a mistake to think that we should only clean our face when we put on makeup. Pollution or sun creams also have to be removed with the right product when we go to sleep.

Eyelashes weaken: Eyelashes also suffer. Not removing the remains of the mask, eyeliner or pencil can have dire consequences for them. They weaken, fall off and, in some cases, disappear forever. The fact of makeup every day with products that are increasingly fixed contribute to it.

Lips dry: If we get into bed without removing make-up, you will get your lips to crack and dry faster and easier. Therefore, it is important to do a good cleaning and apply repairing and moisturizing balm to act while we sleep.

Accelerate aging: For every day you go to bed without removing your makeup, your skin ages five. Wrinkles and expression lines are accentuated. If we do not do a good and thorough cleaning of our face every day, the skin can not absorb the benefits of any moisturizing, nourishing or regenerating cream or serum that we apply, however good it may be.

Opaque the skin: Consistency is a key factor in skin care. A luminous skin is the result of proper facial cleansing. Skin hygiene is essential to preserve the health of the skin. If you are not constant, the result will be: asphyxiated, dull, malnourished and dehydrated skin.



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