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5 covert Android features you need to get started

If you've been using Android for several generations, you can easily forget how far we've come. Google has added a whole host of useful features to Android, and some of the best are not receiving as much attention as they deserve. But we can fix that. Here are the five most underrated features that hide in the latest versions of Android.

notification channels

Notification overload often occurs when a number of noisy apps are installed. However, you do not have to disable all notifications or uninstall apps to reduce the noise. Android supports notification channels that help you reduce noise while maintaining the information you care about.

Android notification channels Google

All apps that target Android Oreo or later have notification channels that you can access Settings> NotificationsThen click an app name and then click Notifications, Here you can disable all subcategories to block certain types of notification that apply only to the app. You can also tap the name of the channel to change its priority and behavior. For example, you can prevent pop-over alerts, but a notification will appear in the shadows.

Adjust optimized apps

The introduction of Doze mode in Android 6.0 has changed everything. After all, you can leave a phone for a few hours and you do not have to worry about a background app frying your battery. However, sometimes you want trusted apps to have full background access, such as: Google Photos, so your pictures can be uploaded faster. Fortunately, you have access to the Doze mode settings.

Optimize apps in Android Google

The menu is somewhat buried in the newer version of the operating system. From Pie it is in Settings> Apps & Notifications> Advanced> Access Special Apps> Battery Optimization, Just find the app you want to exclude and tap to go from Optimize to Not Optimize. As long as the app is a good code, your battery should not be damaged. Do not take out too many apps from Doze.

Do not plan to bother

So you picked a nice ringtone, great. This does not mean that you want it to start in the middle of the night or during a meeting. Go to the Android Do Not Disturb feature that contains the scheduling settings.

planned do not disturb Android Google

Go to Settings> Sound> Do Not Disturb, Under Automatically turn on, you can set when Do Not Disturb is turned on and off by creating a new "Time" rule. This is part of the Android system-level settings, and even syncs between devices when you set up a new phone.

App shortcuts on your home screen

Google added app shortcuts (originally called launcher shortcuts) to Android, but it's easy to forget they're lurking behind your icons. Long press lets you quickly access specific parts of the app, saving you time. You can, however, touch more than just these links. You can also add it to your home screen.

App shortcuts Android Google

To save one of the app shortcuts to an icon, simply long press the icon to open the shortcut lists. Then hold down the desired link and drag it. When you drop it on your Home screen, the shortcut will appear like a normal app icon. A tip and it opens the default part of the parent app. For example, you can create a message link for the person you send most often, a link to create a new email in Gmail, and a link to set a new clock in Clock.

Pin in the stock menu

The Android Sharing Menu – this interface, which lets you choose from a list of apps to share web pages, photos, and other types of content – has some issues, but is much easier to use because it allows you to pin frequently-used apps. The stock menu can be quite slow after all. So, if you set the most important sharing icons above, you may not need to open the full sharing window.

pin share android Google

To fix an item in the approval list, you have to find it one last time. Then press and select "Pin". This permanently adapts the entry at the top of the sharing menu. This is very useful if you want to pin messages to the top of your sharing interface.


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