5 Decubitus Wound Treatments to Prevent Severe Infections – Decubitus ulcers or known to the layman with decubitus disease need proper treatment so that the disease is not exposed to severe infection.

Keep in mind, pressure ulcers are open sores that form on the skin due to continuous pressure on a part of the body in the long term.

Reported from WoundSourcethis health problem is usually experienced by patients who are bed rest (bed rest) for a long time, wheelchair users, or people who are difficult to move because of diseases and congenital disorders.

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Usually, decubitus ulcers appear on the buttocks, hips, spine, shoulders, tailbone, ankles, elbows, and heels.

Before recognizing the treatment of pressure sores, first identify the cause of this health problem.

Causes of decubitus ulcers

Decubitus ulcers occur when the skin is under pressure from the body for a long time. This condition can block the blood supply to that part of the body.

Without adequate blood flow, the stressed cells of the surrounding skin tissue can be damaged and injured. The wound was initially reddish in color. Then, over time the color becomes darker.

If the pressure on that part of the body is not reduced, the skin tissue that is stressed and damaged will eventually die.

When pressure sores or sores are not treated or treated properly, they can become infected and sometimes fatal.

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Treatment of pressure sores requires reducing pressure on the injured body part, cleaning and treating the wound, reducing pain, controlling infection, and maintaining daily intake. Here are some of them: