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5 drinks to protect our bodies from colds … Masrawy

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Wednesday 02 January 2019

Books – Moataz Hassan:

Many people get colds and flu during winter, especially with extreme temperature and weather fluctuations, so it is necessary to strengthen our immunity to protect our bodies against germs and infection.

According to new research by the University of Cardiff, British hot drinks can prevent the continuous infection of symptoms of influenza, nose, cough, sneezing and sore throat, so it is recommended to take these hot drinks that strengthen our immunity and protect us from winter diseases, according to the site "Sciencedaily."

Honey and lemon

This classic brew is one of the most popular natural remedies for colds and flu, the reason is that it is antibacterial and virus,

Boil water with honey and lemon over medium heat, and be warm.

2-Turmeric tea

Tea with turmeric helps prevent colds and frequent coughs.

It is prepared with 4 tablets of 2 servings, fresh ginger and a small piece of cinnamon in water, a turmeric and a bag of tea. Let the mixture boil for 10 to 15 minutes, add a little milk or honey and eat it warm.

3 – Tomato juice

Tomato is rich in vitamins, it helps to reduce the risk of infection, containing vitamin C and A, iron, and folic acid.

It can be taken after heating the tomato mixture over low heat for half an hour and can add some spices to it.

4 – strawberry juice and mango

There is no difference in mango and strawberry taste, but it is more useful that these two fruits exist in mango antioxidants that promote the immune system for young people and the elderly, and contains vitamins E, A and C, iron, and folic acid.

5 – lemon juice with balsamic vinegar

Lemon contains a high percentage of vitamin C antioxidant and strengthen the immune cells, in addition to thyme rich in Thymol (Thymol), which helps to kill bacteria and fungi in the throat or respiratory system, and acts as a antibiotic and helps to expel phlegm and clearing the throat.



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