5 Facts about Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister who was dragged into the coup issue


The name Kim Jong Un is back in public discussion, Mother. This time, it was about him who was alleged to have been overtaken by his younger sister, Kim Yo Jong.

The news emerged for several reasons. Not only that, the news of the coup that Kim Jong Un experienced is still continuing from previous allegations.

Since some time ago, Kim Jong Un was reported to have been in a coup. The incident took place between May 6 and June 5.

According to reports, the issue of the coup that happened to his brother was first reported by a United States (US) media. Globe, on Monday (10/25/2021).

Is that true? Who is Kim Yo Jong really? Check out the facts that HaiBunda has compiled from the following sources.

1. Number 2 person in North Korea

The name Kim Yo Jong has been a topic of discussion since he was said to have officially become the ‘number two’ in South Korea, Mother.

South Korea’s intelligence agency believes that Kim Yo Jong served as the de facto number two. However, Kim Jong Un’s youngest brother has not been determined as Kim Jong Un’s successor in the future.

Furthermore, the opposition party legislator on the intelligence committee of the South Korean parliament, Ha Te Keung, once said that Kim Yo Jong helped run the regime.

“The bottom line is that Kim Jong Un still holds absolute power, but has given up more of his authority than before,” Ha Te Keung was quoted as saying. Al-Jazeera on Friday (21/8/2020).

2. Take responsibility for US and South Korea policy

Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong attended school in Bern, Switzerland, at the same time. Launching from The Conversation, After finishing school, the woman who was born on September 25, 1987, continued her education at Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang with a major in Computer Science

Kim Yo Jong first captured international attention in 2018. At that time he was part of the delegation to the Winter Olympics. Kim Yo Jong became the first member of the Kim Dynasty to visit South Korea, Mother.

Reported BBC, he was also seen with Kim Jong Un at international summits. This woman also wrote about a potential meeting between Kim Jong Un and Trump.

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