5 files top priority of the Ministry of Petroleum after the renewal of confidence in Tariq Mulla

5 files top priority of the Ministry of Petroleum after the renewal of confidence in Tariq Mulla

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tariq al-Mulla is waiting for a number of files to be completed after renewing his confidence and choosing him among the ministers of the government of Dr. Mustafa Madbouli. The main ones are self-sufficiency of natural gas, transforming Egypt into a regional center for trading and trading gas, Import ratio, and restructuring of the mineral wealth sector. Achieving self-sufficiency of gas The top of the files is to achieve the dream of Egypt to achieve self-sufficiency of natural gas after the completion of the operation and linking several projects for the development of gas fields discovered on the national network of natural gases, the most important completion of the first phase of the development of the field of noon, which currently produces about 1.2 billion cubic feet and is expected Reaching 1.7 billion feet in August and then 2 billion feet before the end of this year. The completion of the second phase of the project development of the northern fields of Alexandria and the Western Mediterranean (Giza and Fayoum), the completion of the development stages of the Atoll field of natural gas in the North Damietta area, the continuation of the development of the Nores field in the Nile Delta, Damietta Marine in the eastern Nile Delta “Katameya shallow -1 “He said. After the ministry has put forward two tenders for natural gas and oil exploration in 27 sectors in the Mediterranean Sea, Delta, Western Sahara and Gulf of Suez, the ministry plans to make a global bid for the first time to search for oil and gas in Egyptian economic waters in the Red Sea and southern Egypt. Transforming Egypt into a Regional Energy Center The file of transforming Egypt into a regional energy center is one of the most important files that the Minister of Petroleum is seeking to complete. The ministry has made great strides towards realizing the Egyptian National Project for the transformation of the regional center for trading and trading of gas and petroleum. Egypt’s strategic and assets and infrastructure that allow the flow of oil and gas without any technical or regulatory obstacles, thus contributing positively to the economic development of the country and the development of the oil and gas market through encouraging the participation of investors from the private sector. Niveh law regulating the gas market this year will support the realization of this project strongly . Providing petroleum products to the local market The ministry also aims to operate 3 projects to supply petroleum products to the local market to reduce Egypt’s importation of benzene, diesel and diesel from abroad. The new Egyptian Refining Company in Mustard is one of the most important new refining projects. High quality such as diesel and jet fuel, as well as completion of the second phase of the expansion project of the Medor refinery in Alexandria to increase the production capacity of the plant of petroleum products, in addition to the completion of new projects being implemented by the company The National Company for Refining and Petrochemicals (ANRBEC) to maximize the productivity of high octane gasoline to help cover some of the needs of the growing local market … It is worth mentioning that the three projects are scheduled to be operational before the end of 2018.

The establishment of a petrochemical complex in the Suez Canal and the scientists As for the petrochemical projects, the strategy of the Ministry of Petroleum is based on the priority of maximizing the use of the raw materials and petrochemical products domestically rather than exporting them and benefiting from them in the establishment of manufacturing industries to achieve the highest returns and value added for the benefit of the Egyptian economy. Suez and El Alamein area . The ministry is considering the start of petrochemical projects 5 projects including the project of production of propylene and its derivatives with the expansion of Sidbek, the production of ammonia and its derivatives in Anrabek, the production of formaldehyde and its derivatives and the project of production of medium density resin and slabs MDF , And the Phase II project to increase ethane extraction from the Western Sahara Gas Complex, which is expected to be implemented in the coming period . Offering periodic auctions of mineral wealth With regard to the mineral wealth sector, the Ministry has started to develop a clear strategy for the development of the mineral wealth sector to contribute to attracting investments and increasing the number of agreements to search for mineral resources, including gold, in addition to other raw materials that are available in large reserves through the auctioning of tenders periodically each year, The contribution of this activity to the national income through the provision of the mineral raw materials needed by the Egyptian market and the expansion in the manufacture of mining materials, in order to support the steps of the state in the comprehensive development . In addition to starting the procedures for establishing the Egyptian Phosphate Marketing Company to establish a fair price for the Egyptian Phosphate in the world market to achieve the largest financial return from its sale, in addition to starting the actual steps for the implementation of the project of the company for phosphate industries and fertilizers, and one of the largest mining projects to maximize the added value of Egyptian Phosphate Valley the new . Note: The content of this news was written by the seventh day It does not express a point of view Egypt today But was transferred content as it is from the seventh day We are not responsible for the content of the news and the responsibility of the previous source.

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