5 Foods That Automatically Make Miss V Wet Naturally When Aroused


Generally the vagina will be lubricated naturally because of the hormone estrogen that appears when they want to have sex. This natural lubricant will keep the vagina from drying out so as to facilitate the moment of penetration when making love.

Unfortunately, not all women can get this natural lubricant so that the vagina becomes dry. The problem is usually experienced by women who have menopause, but can also occur in younger women.

One of the reasons, as reported by detikHealth, Monday (15/8/2022), due to the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. Therefore, here are the right foods to deal with a dry vagina.

1. Olive oil

This type is rich in healthy fats that can moisturize the skin and keep food delicious. Not only that, olive oil can also help lubricate the inside of the body to the vagina and maintain vaginal health.

2. Soybean

Consuming soy regularly can help significantly lubricate the vagina and maintain the health of female reproductive organs. Processed soybeans can be mixed into salads, or consumed as a snack.

3. Avocado

Avocados are an alternative to saturated fat and have lubricating ingredients such as vitamin E that can keep the skin and the inside of the vagina hydrated and elastic.