5 Interesting Facts about JIS vs Pakansari Stadium, Number 1 Regarding Facilities: Okezone Bola

A LOT 5 interesting facts about JIS vs Pakansari Stadium will be reviewed in this article. To note, the two stadiums are the pride of the Indonesian people.

Because, both stadiums have held international level matches. However, the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) and Pakanasari Stadium were widely discussed by the public regarding the venue for the September 2022 FIFA Matchday between the Indonesian national team vs. Curacao.

It’s just that in the end, the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI) chose the Pakansari Stadium over JIS, as the venue for the Indonesian National Team vs. Curacao. Apart from that gossip, these two stadiums have interesting facts, which will be discussed in this article. So, what are the interesting facts?

Here are 5 interesting facts about JIS vs Pakansari Stadium:

5. Stadium Capacity

Interesting facts of JIS vs Pakansari Stadium will be reviewed in terms of capacity first. When compared, JIS is certainly superior. Because, JIS itself is known to have an audience capacity of up to 82,000! While Pakansari Stadium only has a capacity of approximately 30,000 spectators.

With such a large capacity, JIS deserves to be compared with international stadiums from all over the world. Moreover, JIS’s own capacity is known to have exceeded one of the largest in Indonesia, namely Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, which has a capacity of 78,000.

4. Match Moment

JIS vs Pakansari

Then, the next interesting fact of the JIS vs Pakansari Stadium is about the moment of the match. JIS was once used as the venue for the 2022 International Youth Championship (IYC).

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At that time teams from Spain, Atlético Madrid U-18 and Barcelona U-18 also tested the stadium, which is located in North Jakarta. Not only that, the friendly match between Persija Jakarta vs Chonburi FC in July 2022 was also held at this stadium.

On the other hand, Pakansari Stadium is also not inferior to JIS. The stadium, which is located in Cibinong, Bogor Regency, has been the venue for several matches. Such as PON XIX West Java 2016 and 2016 AFF Cup.

3. Development Cost

JIS vs Pakansari

Next, there is a comparison between JIS and Pakansari. One of the most striking is the cost of development. Pakansari Stadium is said to have spent a construction budget of up to IDR 803 billion.

Meanwhile, JIS costs more, which is IDR 4.5 trillion. Funds for that amount are based on capacity, facilities, and more modern development technology.

2. Development Time

JIS vs Pakansari

In terms of capacity, JIS vs Pakansari itself already has a striking difference. No wonder if the development time, also has a long enough time.

According to various sources, the construction of JIS began in 2019 until it was inaugurated in 2022. Meanwhile, the construction of the Pakansari Stadium began in 2012-2014 or one year earlier than JIS.

1. JIS vs Pakanasari facilities

JIS vs Pakansari

The last interesting fact of JIS vs Pakansari Stadium is about the facilities. Yes, in this matter JIS is arguably superior to Pakansari Stadium.

Because, JIS has facilities that carry modern technology. Plus the facility is relatively new and on par with elite stadiums in Europe.

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The modern facilities include a roof that can be opened and closed. Then, there is a jogging area in the area above the stadium, and of course the FIFA standard grass.

Meanwhile, the facilities owned by Pakansari Stadium include a running track on the side of the field, a VIP room, and a permanent roof that surrounds the stands.

This is information about 5 interesting facts about JIS VS Pakansari.