5 Messages of the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad and His Ummah, Number 4 Must Know

DISCONTINUABLE The angel Jibril is one of the angels of Allah SWT who was given the task to convey revelation from Allah to the Prophets and Messengers.

Therefore, the Angel Gabriel is one of the main angels that we must know because of his glory.

And the Angel Gabriel, in fact, is the leader of all the angels in heaven and earth. Even the greatest angel, Hamalat Al Arsy, is under the leadership of the Angel Gabriel.

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Prophet Muhammad SAW was friends with the Angel Jibril. Because the Angel Gabriel often came to the Prophet Muhammad to deliver a message from God Almighty.

And when the Prophet Muhammad talked to him, the Angel Gabriel gave a message to the Prophet SAW and also to the whole ummah as narrated in the hadith of Ath-Thabrani.

Launching from Youtube Yufid TV “Short Lecture 5 messages from Jibril –Ust. Muhammad bin Muhammad Thab, Lc, January 18, 2014, here are 5 messages from the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad and his people:

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  1. Live as you wish, in fact you will die

The Angel Gabriel’s message warned that everyone will die, including the Prophet Muhammad. Whoever he can not run from death.