5 reasons to buy The Quarry

Spiritual sequel to Until Dawn as a tribute to horror

Let’s start with where The Quarry comes from. Although the game has nothing to do with Until Dawn in terms of story, it is intended as a spiritual successor to it. Like Until Dawn, The Quarry is a tribute to horror movies.

The team behind the game has therefore been inspired by crazy horror films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes and Friday the 13th. The latter can already be obtained from the location of the game. This is a summer camp where in the end much more than just alcohol will be spilled. Director Will Byles and his team even describe the game as a horror amusement park!

A promising star cast

A good story calls for convincing roles and Supermassive Games has done it well. The cast of The Quarry does not lie and is full of horror icons. There is a role for Ted Raimi (Evil Dead II, Drag me to Hell), Lance Hendriksen (Alien), David Arguette (Scream) and more.

The most notable face you’ll encounter in The Quarry is that of horror queen Lin Shaye. She has already played strong roles in films such as The Conjuring and InSidious. Trust us, Shaye doesn’t just come to play a part. If she comes by in a horror movie, you can wet your chest.

From the studio of horror games

It is therefore not just a studio that Shaye and the other cast members have managed to secure. Supermassive Games has cut the horror game before. In addition to Until Dawn, the studio is responsible for games such as the VR horror experience The Inpatient and the horrific stories in The Dark Pictures Anthology.

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The studio has even been rewarded for its work in the various games. For example, a BAFTA has been awarded for Until Dawn and several TIGA Awards have already been handed out for Man of Medan and Little Hope, among others.

Huge interactive story

Like Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and a number of other Supermassive Games titles, The Quarry is a story in which you are in control. You determine with your choices this time not only who will die or who will live, but also the way to get there. Every choice you make affects the story and can potentially deliver a completely different experience than if you had chosen something else.

The actors in the game can therefore prepare for this story, because where the average film often has between 100 and 125 pages, the script for The Quarry is more than 1000 pages. You will in one playthrough not get to see all pages of the script, but that’s the beauty of this game. To see everything you have to play the game several times and each time can be completely different from the last time. It makes for a game you can keep playing!

Horrifying together has never been so scary

Supermassive Games has made sure that you don’t have to shudder alone on June 10. The Quarry can be played offline and online with multiple players. In total, up to 8 players can participate online. The game promises to be very cool in online co-op. While one player is playing, the others are given the option to vote and influence the story at key moments.

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Offline, the game is very different in co-op. Then all players get a character to control. Every time that character passes by in the story, pass the controller to whoever is next. That way you go through the story of The Quarry together, while trying to let everyone live together. Or not of course, that’s up to you when the game comes out on June 10 for Xbox One, Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC.

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