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5 reasons to take the “Renaissance in the Loire Valley” course

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What is the Renaissance and how did it transform the Loire Valley? Go beyond preconceived ideas and discover this emblematic period, witness to profound societal changes and cultural transformations on the outskirts of the 15th and 16th centuries. As elsewhere in Europe, the Loire Renaissance was marked by Italian influences, the rediscovery of ancient culture and the development of the humanist movement; it is also synonymous with innovation and creativity, all being punctuated by political and religious conflicts.

Thanks to this course, you will not only be able to understand the Renaissance in all its facets, but also the way in which it shaped the territory of the Loire Valley, its history and its heritage.

Reason N ° 1: Travel to the Loire Valley
Discover some sixty heritage and emblematic places in the Center-Val de Loire region where cultural, natural, material and intangible heritage bear witness to its reborn past.

Reason N ° 2: Come and meet the specialists of the Loire Renaissance.
Teachers-researchers, researchers, engineers, heritage experts and tourism stakeholders have joined forces to produce this innovative and interactive training device, intended for learning and promoting the history and heritage of the Center-Val region. of the Loire.

Reason N ° 3: Discover the latest news from scientific research on the Renaissance in the Loire Valley.
Designed by the teacher-researchers and associate researchers of the Center for Higher Studies of the Renaissance at the University of Tours, in collaboration with the ARD Intelligence des Patrimoines program, this online course highlights the latest scientific research on the period of the Renaissance in the Loire Valley.

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Reason # 4: Take an interdisciplinary course
Explore the diversity of themes federated around the Renaissance, from the history of châteaux to health practices, including music, gastronomy and even the arts and techniques, by following around fifty teacher-researchers and scientists from from different disciplines and laboratories.

Reason 5: train online freely and for free
This online course is free and open to everyone. It will give you free access to high-quality scientific content to deepen your knowledge of the Loire region, train you in the Renaissance period or cultivate yourself in a fun way.
Are you convinced? So sign up now and write the date in your calendar!

To find out more and register for the online course “La Renaissance en Val de Loire”
Beginning of the course: October 4, 2021
End of registration: November 5, 2021

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