5 Suspected Assailants of Panton Reu Police Post with AK-47 Weapons Arrested in West Aceh

Sa’dul Bahri’s Report | West Aceh

SERAMBINEWS.COM, MEULABOH – The hard work of the Polres who were backed up by the Aceh Police succeeded in arresting the perpetrators of the attack on the Panton Reu Police Post, West Aceh Police, Friday (29/10/2021).

From the provisional suspicion that the perpetrators who have been arrested are about 5 people, but the police have not provided the identity of the perpetrators, because they are carrying out further development.

The police are still continuing their development to uncover the motive behind the incident.

The West Aceh Police Chief, AKBP Andrianto Argamuda, who was questioned by, Friday (29/10/2021) confirmed that the alleged perpetrator of the shooting at the Police Post had been secured by the local police.

• Aceh Police Arrest Five Suspected Pospol Shooters in West Aceh

Regarding further clarity, his party said it would be conveyed by the Head of Public Relations of the Aceh Police.

Meanwhile, his party confirmed that the alleged perpetrators who strafed the police post on the Meulaboh-Tutut road, Manggi Village area, Panton Reu District have been secured.

The police are working hard to solve the case.

However, the Police have not explained in detail the chronology of the arrests of the 5 people suspected of being involved.

• Confirmed Shooting of Panton Police Post Reu West Aceh Police, Police Hunt for Perpetrators

Previously, it was reported that the Panton Reu Police Post, West Aceh Police, on the Meulaboh-Tutut cross road, Manggie Village, Panton Reu District, West Aceh Regency, Thursday (28/10/2021) at around 03.15 WIB in the morning by an unknown person (OTK), who allegedly used AK-47, SS1 and M-16 weapons.