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5 things for which you can still pay with Bitcoin in 2019

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Now that we've started a new year, many of us are probably wondering if Bitcoin is "still a thing" both in South Africa and in other parts of the world and what's been bought with Bitcoin in the last few years could, the question remains the same for this year.

The news surrounding Bitcoin may have faded somewhat over the past year, but the use of Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency seems to be going well.

That's why we decided to dedicate a blog post to talk about five things you can still pay for Bitcoin in 2019!

1. Clothes, gadgets and more!

That's right, you can still get everything you need from clothing, footwear, accessories, cell phones, tablets and much more to websites like BitPlaza, BitPlaza is a bitcoin-friendly global shopping mall where users can buy anything with bitcoin. In addition to clothing and equipment, you can also buy tools, personal care products, kitchen utensils, baby items and even groceries. There are many other online shops that only accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, but there are also many shops that accept the usual payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc., but also Bitcoin. In particular, you find that most Shopify stores accept Bitcoin payments using BitPay.

2. Airline tickets

You can find a whole range of travel sites where you can buy airline tickets like Bitcoin Bitcoin.Travel, Some of the carriers that continue to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment include Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Royal Dutch Airlines, Air France and Qatar Airways. It is estimated that around 260 airlines accept the world's most popular cryptocurrency. H. Bitcoin, as a result of a new partnership between the bitcoin company Bitnet and the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP). So if you want to fly to London, you can easily pay for your ticket with bitcoins!

3. Online Gaming

When it comes to online games, you can find several Online casinos that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Just as with online shops, you can find casinos that accept the usual payment methods, including Bitcoin, and casinos that only support Bitcoin payments. The difference between these two types of casinos is largely the same, except that they are pretty much the same in terms of looks and behavior, as well as the games and bonuses they offer. It really depends on your personal preferences. However, bitcoin support for transactions is the only significant difference.

4. Bitcoin Gift Cards

If you miss the ideas of what you need for a friend, partner, or family member on any occasion, you can purchase Bitcoin gift cards at various locations where you can turn your Bitcoins into gift cards. One such example is Gyftthat sells gift cards from a number of stores. Gyft accepts regular forms of payment as well as bitcoins in exchange for cards. Do not worry about options. The person receiving the gift card can choose from all kinds of goods from the supported shops in different countries. Another popular online store that accepts bitcoins for gift cards is Amazon (GiftcardBTC)!

5. Web hosting services

Nowadays, you can find a number of hosting companies that in return for Bitcoin give your website or server a home on the Internet. HawkHost, NameCheap, and Hostinger are just a few examples of web hosting providers that accept regular forms of payment and cryptocurrency as payment. In addition to these companies you can also find companies like BitcoinWebhosting which only accept Bitcoin or other forms of cryptocurrency such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Iota.



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