5 things to do in New York when you’re not a tourist

To enjoy the view: have a drink with a view of all Manhattan at William Vale in Brooklyn

A 5 * hotel almost an emblem of the gentrification of Williamsburg, the William Vale has at least two major advantages, largely linked to the top-floor bar: the view is incredible and the cocktails have tastes that defy the senses. We hardly exaggerate and in any case, we drank there for the first time a Matcha Mule – which as its name almost suggests is a Moscow Mule with Matcha – while looking at the lights of Manhattan (see above) and while listening to jazz. It was sweet and tangy at the same time, almost healthy (alcohol abuse is bad for your health) and at the same time dangerous. New York what.

To try to recover from jet lag: take a nap at The Dreamery

Casper, the start-up that has managed to cool the purchase of a mattress (one of the most essential and yet feared acts of adult life), has pushed its concept and its communication so far that it has decided to open an IRL 3.0 experiential place in the middle of SoHo: a “nap bar” where you can book a time slot of your choice during the day to lounge on a Casper mattress and forget the hustle and bustle of the city that does not never sleeps for 45 minutes with the same simplicity as if you had taken an Uber or ordered a Deliveroo. Perfect for surviving the coup de barre (/ post-apocalyptic zombie virus) caused by the time difference between two work appointments on Wall Street when it is midnight in Paris.

To eat like a New Yorker: banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery and pastrami from Katz Delicatessen

OK, this stage is a bit touristy around the edges but it’s frankly worth the detour and the return. Even the most jaded New Yorkers will be drooling with envy when you tell them you’ve braved the (permanent) line and paid a small fortune to eat Magnolia Bakery’s priceless banana pudding and Katz’s foodpornesque pastrami. One is known to have appeared in Sex and The City, the other for being the famous “orgasm” restaurant of When Harry meets Sally. It’s a bit cliché but not at all overpriced: on the one hand, it is not a banana-flavored dessert, no, but rather a banana flesh that would have mutated to become a pastry. On the other hand, it is the very definition of culpable eating pleasure: it’s too much but it’s also too good and too good.

For shopping in the turfu ‘: 10 Hudson Yards

A sort of new neighborhood organized around a gigantic, hyper-clean luxury shopping center (for those who know, it reminded us of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo), Hudson Yards is the opening everyone talked about in New York last March. . You’ve probably seen its main attraction on Instagram: The Vessel, a gigantic open-air structure made of stairs that offers a pretty nice view once up. Hudson Yards is also a fairly promising new art center, The Shed, a terrace with another view, an exhibition space / giant ball pool by Snarkitecture,… but also a whole lot of shops at higher prices. or less affordable and a shopping experience of the future in the Neiman Marcus department store which occupies the top floors of the mall: fitting rooms where you can modulate the light according to the atmosphere in which you want to see your new evolve wardrobe. Planning on buying this jacket for a sunset date and then a night out? No problem, just press the touch screen to see the light change completely (if you are more of a homebody, there is also the fireplace atmosphere…). This is a revolution.

To dance like we’re not in New York: Ponyboy

Before going to Ponyboy, the cool night bar of the moment (it seems that everyone goes or stops going since we talked about the establishment in the New York Times), New Yorkers have told us that the Parisian nightlife is better than that of New York because the Parisians would not have held back from launching on the dance floor while the Big Apple would be the world capital of the sidelong glance. Bullshit. A few hours later, we found ourselves in this Brooklyn bar-restaurant-club where you can come and have drinks and eat casually tapas before going to wiggle your hips on a relatively human-sized dance floor, in darkness and in numbers, surrounded by raised tables like a box, a bit like in Scarface (not that much actually). According to locals, what makes the difference at Ponyboy isn’t so much the people – there was everything and a scary number of French people that night – but the music that flirts more with funk than EDM. A word of advice anyway: avoid following those who suggest you end up in a Latino gang bar shouting “the party begins” at 4am …

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