In ten years, The 12 noon shots has become one of the most watched programs on TF1, and its presenter, Jean-Luc Reichmann, one of the most popular television hosts.

Ten years of laughter. The 12 noon shots, the entertainment presented by Jean-Luc Reichmann on TF1, celebrated its first decade. An anniversary that coincides, a few days later, with the record of Eric, who became mid-June the greatest champion in the history of the show. Enough to forget Christian Quesada, condemned for child pornography.

The 12 noon shots has already received his gift for his 10th birthday. The game was named last week’s favorite show by the French, according to an Opinion Way poll published by Le Figaro. The game broadcast every day on TF1 collects 24% of the vote. Here are five things about this show that fascinates the French.

An Argentine program

The 12 noon shots is the French adaptation of a program born in Argentina in 2001. “I was looking for an innovative concept with elements that did not exist in other programs. At the time, channels most often contented themselves with buying or copy American formats, “said producer Marcelo Ferrero at Figaro.

The legacy (“L’Héritage”) was broadcast for the first time in 2002 on the Telefé channel. The success was immediate and the program was transposed to Italy, then to Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Mexico and Brazil. In France, the game has a first version, Croesus, presented by Vincent Lagaf between 2005 and 2006.

Four years later, a second version, entitled The 12 noon shots, arrives on television. It is entirely imagined by Reichmann: “What makes the success of Twelve noon shots!, it’s largely Jean-Luc Reichmann […] He contributed enormously to what the format has become, “confirms producer Hervé Hubert. Reichmann brings his trademark to it, a proximity between host and candidates.” The fact of having reduced the number of candidates to four (instead of five or six, note) gives more time to enjoy Jean-Luc as master of ceremonies, “says Marcelo Ferrero.

Cuckoos at 12 shots

“Créadaptation”, the program is not baptized The Legacy (like the Argentinian game El Legado, from which it is adapted) , more The 12 noon shots. The choice is linked to one of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s passions: “I worked on ‘wording’. As I am a fan of cuckoo clocks, I advanced on this theme of the cuckoo clock and the program broadcast at And it gave ‘The midday cuckoos’,’ The 12 midday cuckoos’ and finally ‘The 12 midday strokes!’ I love playing with words so we went on to title the tests’ The stroke of ‘send’, ‘The fatal blow’, ‘The blow by blow’ and ‘The blow of master’. “

From the fairy Eulalie to Zette

From June to October 2010, Jean-Luc Reichmann was accompanied by a character, the fairy Eulalie, voiced by Véronique Le Nir. But the character does not take and Reichmann decides to call on one of his friends, Isabelle Benhadj, radio host, to replace her. And that’s how Zette was born:

“I thought it would be nice to be accompanied by an imaginary fairy but it didn’t take. We had thought of another character to replace the fairy Eulalie and, finally, a girlfriend who made the radio for decades with me has become the voice of the show under the name of Zette. The imagination is stronger than anything, everyone has their own idea of ​​the person behind this voice. “

A record kitty

The record for the most important prize pool is held by Eric, with 921,316 euros – far ahead of Christian Quesada’s 809,392 euros.

“I came across a mysterious Star in the amount never put into play. This is what boosted my winnings. But I do not think I was more effective than the others”, he justified himself in the columns of Télé Hobbies.

Eric will not really touch 921,316 euros. The amount recovered actually includes his earnings and his gifts. These represent a value of 299,316 euros. Eric therefore leaves the program with 622,000 euros.

Record audiences during containment

Very popular, the show broke historical records during the containment. One year after the Quesada affair, entertainment still reigns on its side, and fascinates viewers thanks to its champion, Eric. While The 12 noon shots attract an average of 4.8 million followers, they were 6.6 million on March 19 and 6.7 million on March 31, a historic record.

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