5 votes for government are sought

In the past 48th parliament, the “Gabrovski” government did not reach 6 votes. And if I am convinced of anything, it is that there are parties now regretting not supporting him.

What are the possibilities and why are they short of 5 votes? From the day before, it became clear that DB, more precisely “Yes Bulgaria” and “Green Movement” will support the position of PP and DSB. Today, all together again stated that they will not support a cabinet of GERB or with the participation of GERB. And if it comes to the second term, they will propose a minority government.

Now let’s recall what happened in the previous parliament and how close the comparisons are with today’s political situation. And then GERB won and in a situation of extreme opposition brought things to a vote of the draft cabinet in the plenary hall. As we have already noted – they did not reach 6 votes.

An attempt by the PP/DB to form a cabinet followed. The failure came with the presentation of their program, which no one even wanted to comment on from the parliamentary rostrum. Meetings with the rest of the parliamentary forces followed, but they did not receive any support. Thus, it did not even come to a name presentation of the candidates for ministers.

Six months later, GERB are again first, they will again make an attempt to form a cabinet and again PP/DB are implacable in their rejection of Borisov’s party. There is also nothing surprising in the positions of “Revival”. And in the place of Stefan Yanev’s party is ITN… It is completely logical in this case that the leader of GERB, who this time promised to be a deputy and personally lead the negotiations, should once again repeat his experience with a cabinet without prominent party figures, with an authoritative, unaffiliated political candidate for prime minister and ministers – technocrats. In a television interview, Prof. Rumyana Kolarova mentioned the name of the governor of the BNB, Dimitar Radev, whose mandate has already expired. Even just given as an example – outlines the most suitable profile for a prime minister, like Gabrovski. There will certainly be other suitable applications.

Why is at least 5 votes required? Because the sum of the deputies of GERB, DPS and ITN is 116. But this does not mean a coalition at all, but parliamentary support of a draft cabinet. Especially because Borisov announced that there must be a government “at any cost”, and Slavi Trifonov’s MPs announced that they will do everything possible to make this happen.

Why can such a cabinet manage to get a majority this time? Because from the previous missed chance, another 4-5 months of timelessness, chaos, lack of stability, foreign policy lack of ideas, inactivity of the institutions, popular discontent and moving away from our strategic goals have accumulated. And similar to the painful election of the Speaker of the Parliament in the previous National Assembly, when the BSP finally got scared and made a political gesture, now it is expected that it is Ninova /and why not some deputy from the DB/ to secure the majority. BSP is more likely to do it mainly to end Radev’s one-man rule, and “Vazrazhdane” is excluded because their goal is another early election.

There is, of course, one possibility discussed in social networks – GERB supporting a PP/DB minority government “platonic”, i.e. without any participation or interference in the work of the government, but this is unlikely to happen. That would mean shooting myself in the knee, which he already has problems with.

And more – both GERB and the coalition of “good forces” are aware that in the next elections Borisov’s party will win with an even bigger margin. “Revival” – also. None of the other parliamentary forces have any interest in this.