5 ways to run and train every day

The beneficial implications of sporting activity are varied. Those who have learned to include a few hours of training within their working days or free moments know this well: less stress, better metabolism, newfound physical shape, more active immune system, more controlled nutrition, more positive mood, energy to sell .

Running, like the bike, the gym, swimming are good for the body and also for the mind, which remains more active, more lucid, more awake. Then why not always carve out a part of your day for some healthy movement?

A correct habit. Especially when it is not limited to a single discipline: strengthening, swimming, cycling, stretching, core stability, running … always keep moving it helps our body to always remain active, not to have sagging, to get used to fatigue. What you need to try to avoid is overtraining, learning to give your body moments of recovery.

The methodologies for training seven days a week can be different and they also depend a lot on your athletic level, the time available, the results you want to achieve.