50 barbershops participated: Study: Reduce hypertension with the barber of confidence


Thomas owns a Barber shop in Inglewood, California, and is part of an unusual campaign that includes the “Washington Post” He recently told his clients how to cut their hair about the dangers of high blood pressure, in a relaxed conversation atmosphere and with a sphygmomanometer within reach. In a relaxed environment, measure blood pressure Together with around 50 other barber shops in the room los Angeles joined Thomas in a 2016 study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine was published and showed amazing results. Doctors and pharmacists worked hand in hand with the hairdressers to target the largest US high-risk group: African American men. These go much less often to the doctor than whites or Latinos. In addition: High blood pressure, which can lead to serious heart and kidney damage, among other things, you will not notice without diagnosis. The neighborhood barber shop may be the place to talk openly about health and address the high blood pressure issue, researchers from the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles said. And her hope was confirmed. Especially when pharmacists – with special authority provided by doctors – prescribe antihypertensive directly on the spot and spend. Improvements in both groups A total of 319 hairdressing customers, all with a blood pressure above the systolic threshold of 140 mmHG, participated in the six-month trial. They were divided into two groups. A group was in addition to the information from the hairdresser once a week by a pharmacist in the shop supported and got there appropriate medication. The second group received only the information and was asked to go to the doctor. The result: In the first group sank the blood pressure on average by a whopping 27 mmHG to a base value of 128 mmHG. Finally, 90 percent of the group was below the threshold. In the second group, blood pressure also dropped – but only by an average of nine mmHG to 145 mmHG. One-third of this group made it permanently below the limit. Situation in Germany In principle, such a low-threshold approach is also conceivable and useful in Germany, says Joachim Hoyer, Department of Nephrology at the University Hospital Marburg. “Again, there are people who know nothing about their hypertension and rarely go to the family doctor.” However, pharmacists in Germany are not allowed to spend blood pressure lowering medication on their own. Above all, older, overweight people in Germany are affected by hypertension, adds Bernhard Krämer, President of the German Hypertension League in the run-up to the World Hypertension Day on 17 May. Up to 50 percent of patients would not take the medication as intended. about pharmacies , Info magazines like the “Apothekenumschau”, but also family doctors try to reach them. And does it include nutritional tips, just as Corey Thomas gives her in the barbershop when shaving her neck? “Excessive intake of salt should definitely be reduced, and it makes sense to reduce weight, a diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and endurance training,” explains Krämer. In the video: expert warns of dangerous beauty trend: women can spray on nipples


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