On October 17th, TMZ reported that a judge has denied former Empire actor Jussie Smollett’s request to have the 2019 criminal case against him thrown out. The 39-year-old faces charges of disorderly conduct after allegedly lying in police reports about what happened to him.

At the time, Smollett reported to have been jumped by two white men in red MAGA hats, saying that the individuals poured bleach on him, threw racist and homophobic remarks at him, and threw a noose around his neck. The actor kept the noose on until officers arrived, capturing the moment on footage via bodycam.

The investigation eventually revealed that Smollett was attacked by two Black men that he knew from his work on Empire – the Osundario brothers. As per TMZ, the pair admitted to have staging the entire incident at the request of their famous friend.

Smollett’s trial is set to begin on November 29th, and plenty of people have been sharing their opinion on the news, including 50 Cent. “Yeah he smiling but he crying inside. SMH he was trying to shine, it’s hard to shine when I’m out here,” the rapper captioned an Instagram post.

“Empire who? Empire how? Empire where? LOL ITS THE POWER UNIVERSE Green Light Gang.”

Back in 2019, we reported that 50 Cent had theories about Smollett staging the incident so that his show, Empire, would beat 50’s, Power, and it seems that he still feels the same way now.

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