50 corona intensive care patients are to be relocated

Munich (dpa / lby) – Due to the overload in Bavarian hospitals, 50 corona intensive care patients are expected to be relocated from Bavaria to other federal states in the coming days. That said on Wednesday the Nuremberg fire director Marc Gistrichovsky, who coordinates the nationwide planning within the framework of the so-called cloverleaf mechanism. When and where to go is still unclear. “The planning is ongoing,” said Gistrichovsky – the “target areas” would be determined after the appropriate patients have been recorded. The nationwide intensive care register reported more than 1000 Covid intensive care patients in Bavaria’s hospitals for the first time, the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic.

The “cloverleaf concept” for the strategic relocation of intensive care patients is intended to prevent patients in need of urgent treatment from being cared for inadequately or at all in a federal state due to the overload of intensive care medicine. Only Covid patients are to be brought to other federal states. The intensive care units in northern Germany are currently somewhat less stressed, where the vaccination rates are higher and the number of infections is proportionally lower.

In Bavaria, the number of infections, patients and deaths is above the national average, one of the main reasons, according to doctors, is the low vaccination rate. In Bavaria there are over 400 more Covid intensive care patients in hospitals than in North Rhine-Westphalia, although NRW has almost six million more inhabitants. According to data from the Munich Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Bavaria, 432 Covid patients have died within the past seven days, within a week more than in the whole of October – and currently more than twice as many as in North Rhine-Westphalia.

On Wednesday, fewer than ten percent of the intensive care beds were free in exactly half of the 96 Bavarian rural districts and urban districts, and there was not a single free intensive care bed in twenty municipalities. The majority of the patients are still the unvaccinated.

Many clinics have been in this position for weeks. However, the proportion of corona patients in many hospitals has risen continuously, among other things because predictable operations are being postponed. According to the intensive care register, more than a third of the currently available intensive care beds across Bavaria are occupied by Covid-19 patients. In some municipalities, the situation is extreme: On Wednesday 9 of the 11 intensive care patients in the Augsburg district were Covid cases, one bed was still free.

Doctors assume that the numbers will continue to rise. At the same time, there is growing anger about politics. The doctors at the Rottal-Inn clinics in Eggenfelden, Lower Bavaria, see their corona intensive care unit no longer far from collapse. “We are only at the beginning of the fourth wave,” said chairman Bernd Hirtreiter. He assumes that the number of corona patients could double within the next two to four weeks. Should that happen, it would no longer be possible to move seriously ill patients, said Medical Director Klaus Kienle. Triage is currently not an issue, but it is emerging.

“If the clinics sound the alarm and say they are at their limit, then I would expect a very clear concept from politicians about what actually happens if the number of patients actually doubles,” said Kienle. The clinics lacked specific announcements. «What is the worst-case scenario? Who is helping out? How is the Bundeswehr involved? “

In the meantime, vaccination centers and doctors in Bavaria are confronted with a renewed rush of people who want to be vaccinated. However, there are comparatively few unvaccinated people among them, who carry the main risk of infection and a severe course. On Tuesday, almost 128,000 vaccinations were administered across Bavaria, as the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday upon request. But there were only a good 17,000 first vaccinations among them.

In the meantime, the corona-related restrictions in everyday life are increasing again. The Bavarian Football Association canceled all league and cup games in amateur football planned for the rest of the year, for children and young people as well as adults.

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