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50 of the biggest daily scam people put up with

Have you ever bought a train ticket or paid extra to park in a hotel, and did you think to yourself? Hmm, it looks like they're taking me off. "Well, according to these Reddit users, you're right." One user under the name eggaboy has asked people to give the name of "the biggest daily scam that people tolerate", and some of the answers are really eye-opening. to extremely expensive water bottles, this list proves that we all live in a world where everything is a scam.Close down to read some answers yourself and do not forget to tell us every day in the comments in which ways you will be scammed!

The price of products for feminine hygiene.

Even from a guy's perspective, they are ridiculously priced for a necessary item.

SleepDeprivation47 Report


Why on earth do I have to come to the office every day? Most of my work can be done remotely, sitting at home. I do not have to burn gas, waste my time, and aggravate every day back and forth. I would much rather come in 2-3x a week.

Less traffic. Ensure more productive and happier employees.

Let's work from home regularly.

Nwambe Report

Built-in aging.

Consumers spend good money buying products that are designed to fail or out of date to encourage further sales.

Not only that, but replacement parts are unavailable or are so expensive to buy and install that consumers will eventually completely replace the article, even though it would have a much more useful life.

Back2Bach Report

"Do not discuss your reward with colleagues."

Some of me understand that it is a bit sticky to do that, but I read that it was the way to not pay people what they deserve.

greyzombie Report

Mention prices of $ xx, 99 to make them look cheaper.

It's a psychology trick. It's working. We see 199.99 and think: "That is less than 200." But it abused human security vulnerabilities.

And the worst of all is that we can have all these beautiful, round numbers. But instead, we end up with a bunch of nines everywhere. Zeros are clearer than nines and deserve more respect.

roarbeast Report

Directly to prescription medication for consumers. People should not go to the doctor to ask for a medicine that they saw by name on a commercial name.

kaylashaffer Report

Occasionally I come across a video where a pastor magically "heals / heals" a person in the church by saying a few lines and touching the person's head. In one of the videos, the predecessor suggested to the person that if they were to buy his DVD, they would heal more quickly. I think it's rediculuos that people use religion and faith to instill fear and then cheat innocent people.

trendz19 Report


They are all products of marketing and fads.

Spinach is better and cheaper than kale.

Strawberries / blueberries just as good and cheaper than Acai.

Etc etc.

saburling Report

My favorite is the "FAT FREE FOOD" on a bag with Twizzlers. Divine, this condensed sugar gel with a high calorie content has no fat. My diet is safe!

ChildofValhalla Report

Textbooks, at least at American universities.

Depending on the subject, they can cost anywhere between $ 100 and $ 400 per book. New editions are released annually to ensure that the content stays up-to-date. (and the price remains high)

For a blatant example: I had a graduate-level economics degree that required a $ 300 handbook ($ 150 for rent for the semester), which is actually an international version & # 39; available online that was exactly the same book, but instead cost $ 60 in retail. The only thing is that the book was listed as being "not for distribution in the US".

dictator_in_training Report

Black Friday sales. The thing that made me realize how crazy it all was, was working in a furniture store. We sold these small warehouses for Black Friday. Normal price: $ 39.99, retail price: $ 19.99. Do you know how much we paid for them? A f ** king dollar. I break my NDA by telling it all (lol).

AyeMyHippie Report

Air fares.

Cost to check a bag. Cost to bring a bag. Cost to get a seat assignment. Costs for a seat allocation at the second stage of your flight.

Your "cheap" $ 300 ticket has just been converted into a $ 500 flight.

Heaven weeping.

DerProfessor Report

Mobile data. They sell it as if it were a finite resource, as if they were running out if they gave you too much. But still, if you do not use it all that month, none of it rolls over. In Canada we also pay the same amount for 2 gb that other countries get 100 gb or more.

Lyquidpain Report

Why can not we live in a world where we do not expect a call from a number that is not in our contacts to be a scam or spam 99% of the time?

Piemaster420 Report

Your e-mail address should in fact be given to every company you buy from, so that they can spam your inbox. Yes, I am aware that you can unsubscribe, but it is difficult in the a **. I have a life to live and it does not mean that my e-mail inbox is regularly carefully composed.

Darth Corleone Report

Emergency duty.

The government will pay money if a loved one has died. Half of the time that the older generation has paid much more tax during their lives, the remains are purged away once they have disappeared.

jojo_fails Report

Jewelry. A friend used to work for a well-known jeweler, her employee benefits meant she could buy rings, earrings, etc. for $ 7 – $ 15. But they would sell it for $ 50- $ 100 to customers.

-thirex Report

Ink prices. It does not even cost a quarter to produce the ink, but they sell it $ 60 +.

Urine_is_blue Report

20 minutes in line to spend $ 4-6 on mediocre coffee, looking at you Starbucks.

SiameseRugrat Report

The police must obtain a quota. This means that when no crime is in progress, the police must make false scenarios to give people a ticket, or collect citizens for obsolete everyday reasons. This creates resentment towards the people who are supposed to "protect" us. The biggest scam for a city to make money from its citizens.

The Alkem-Mist Report

A few weeks ago I was in London, enjoying many of the completely free museums that they have to offer. I wondered why such world-famous museums would be free if they could easily ask for money. I saw a sign with the text: "This museum is made free because of lottery funds." And I thought it was really cool how lottery taxes and profits in London make something so incredibly free. I do not know how much lottery money in the states really goes to useful goals, but I hope it's a lot and not just a scam.

Yoinkie2013 Report

"Convenience costs". This is not MY convenience, it is YOU. The fact that you do not have to hire a person to accept my payment is YOUR convenience, not mine. So I pay you for what exactly?


Healing crystals and other quackery like this. People pay top dollars to get a stone that does nothing but look good.

TheBassMeister Report

The new and used car market in the United States. I do not think that a field is darker and possibly harmful to the consumer.

TheRippaMan Report

Multi-level marketing program & # 39; s. Similar schemes have declared entire countries bankrupt, but in one way or another they are just fine in the form of AmWay.


That extra 9/10 cents that every gas station charges.

Not really a scam, but nobody realized it was even there. Even though it is there on their plate.

liammccar Report

Reservation costs when buying tickets for things online. They are relieved, but we pay them because we want to see our favorite artists / sports teams / theater productions.

Strudders95 Report

Looking at how much money the average American is in debt, the whole country is a scam.

Goats247 Report

I feel that cafeteria food in schools has no value at all (both nutritional value and money).

jackingsworth Report

"Documentation costs" when buying a car from a dealer.

nobbyv Report

Convenience prices for online payment.

Oh, so your employee does not have to waste that much time dealing with so much? And you probably have to pay fewer employees and possibly rent less space because I pay online? Ooooh online convenience allowance
I get the impression that the company that makes the software has to be paid, but I just do not like companies that work on the customer, especially when they probably earn more with the cost of it than it costs them. In addition, and I am sure that I am not the only one here, but the possibility to pay a fee online would be an important factor in deciding which company I would use, which is why a company that offers the option for online payment. also adds to new customers, which in many cases can be enough profit for the company to pay the software without even having to pay the customer extra.

craicbandit Report

Slimming products.

Serious. There is only one secret to lose weight, they are calories. Count your damn calories. There is absolutely nothing else about it. Stop spending money on this mess.

boykimjong Report

Jilly Juice – The women are wounded on Doctor Phil about her Pseudoscience and yet she still makes a murder.

Snow776 Report

Susan G. Komen Foundation. People love this s ** t, for whatever reason.

seeteethree Report

Donuts. They pay you the full price for a Danish with a huge hole in it! And then they charge the same amount for the person who has NO gap! Then they make a longer one that costs exactly the same! Oh, and do not even let me start with banana-flavored products! THEY DO NOT TRY AS BANANA!

realharrypotamus Report


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