50 people want to go to the theater with a swastika binding


Tuesday, 04/17/2018
15:59 clock

For the controversial performance of George Taboris strange theater cartoon “Mein Kampf” directed by Serdar Somuncu, the Theater Konstanz has already received many requests for free tickets. So far, about 50 interested had reported, said a spokeswoman. The theater had made the condition for free admission that visitors should wear a swastika symbol in the auditorium during the performance.

The idea was that the theater wanted to show how quickly people could be corrupted. If you buy a map, you can wear a Star of David as a sign of solidarity with the victims of National Socialist tyranny, according to the Schauspielhaus.

The free ticket idea has already caused protests. So had the German-Israeli society in the Lake Constance Region and the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation Constance in an open letter criticized, among others that the premiere on April 20 on the birthday of Adolf Hitler falls. The premiere takes place on Hitler’s birthday, we believe that this bizarre “marketing gimmick” (Somuncu) of the City Theater Konstanz is unacceptable.There is a third option: You can also do not buy a theater ticket! ”

The city of Konstanz has become opposite the SWR clearly distanced from the behavior of the theater. There they have since responded to the allegations and offered that paying viewers could watch the performances “even without symbols from the Nazi era”.

The cabaret artist Serdar Somuncu calls himself Hassias and accused the WDR censorship last year , The station, however, was against Somuncu for insulting. Also last year, the fought Comedian with n-tv because the station has a series of “So! muncu!” removed from the program. On stage or in front of the TV camera, he fires off obscene insults and infamous insinuations. He wallows in stereotypes about Turks, Moroccans and other migrant groups, and when the German audience in the hall has curled loose, he insulted this as a bunch of Nazi pigs.

Incidentally, theater director Christoph Nix, who also defined the release date for “Mein Kampf” as Serdar Somuncu had the idea of ​​a swastika binding and Star of David Kultblatt betrayed , He himself would have discouraged it because “this day has a symbolic effect, the date is provocative, but we’ll see, I hope nothing bad happens, we’re definitely prepared.”


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