$ 500 for babies, small price for girls: Afghan people selling their own children to change their appetite

Kabul: The situation of the people in Afghanistan after the Taliban occupation is deplorable. It is reported that ordinary people are suffering from famine in the country. There are even parents who sell their children for a pittance to satisfy their hunger. With no other way to survive, a family was forced to sell their little girl for $ 500. The parents sold the younger girl.

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Today, more than half of Afghanistan’s population is undernourished. On the other hand, when many children die of starvation, a group of parents sell their children to make ends meet. According to the World Food Program, about 23 million Afghans will suffer from malnutrition in the coming months.

David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Program, told Reuters that the international community would immediately release Afghan assets frozen during the post-Taliban crisis. Afghanistan plunged into a serious economic crisis after the Taliban seized power in August.