50667 Cologne: Rumors about Carolina Noeding and Daniel Peukmann

Cologne –

It is a constant topic among the fans of the Cologne soap “50667 Cologne”: Will Marc and Jule get back together in the series after their separation? And in real life, too, speculation increases …

  • 50667 stars in the series separated
  • Fans worry about the relationship in real life
  • Carolina Noeding takes a position on EXPRESS

Because Daniel Peukmann (34) and Carolina Noeding (29) have been a couple for over a year, even in reality.

Since they are separated in their roles, several worried voices from fans, especially in the social networks, describes the former Miss Germany and fashion influencer to the EXPRESS.

Love off? That’s what Carolina Noeding says

The blonde: “In the series we split up and there is a lot of trouble. I can tell that people are very interested, and I am bombed with messages like: “Are you still together”? “It looks so real, it can’t just be pretend”. Or: »You have to pay for that at home« “

Daniel Peukmann and Carolina Noeding.

Sentences that irritate the couple. Because in reality, both assert, their relationship is in the best of order. They say to the EXPRESS: “We are still a couple and totally happy!”

The best evidence currently: Shortly before the weekend, Daniel and Carolina finally received the key to their new love nest in Düsseldorf. With bread and salt, (“Glück auf” as the lettering, because Daniel comes from the Ruhr area) they show themselves in a photo for the EXPRESS.

She was last seen in public on Breite Strasse in Cologne when she opened a Coronapoint test station in the Dumont studio in the city.

Carolina, who cheated on Marc in the series, but is loyal to him in real life and very happy with him: “After months of searching, our new home finally worked out. Nobody really has to worry about our relationship, it’s all really just played in the series … “



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