53 % of the men with aids do not receive treatment

53 % of the men with aids do not receive treatment


This may seem counter-intuitive, but in matters of health it is the men who are least likely to have access to treatment against the HIV, and are more likely to die of aids-related illnesses. It is, in any event, the conclusion of the annual report of the joint Programme of theUN against aids, published on the occasion of the world day of fight against this virus.

“all In all, over 37 million people living with hiv, 20 million today receive an antiretroviral treatment, which can both save lives and prevent the spread of the virus, decrypts the magazine Science. in But in hiv-positive people over the age of 15, only 47 % of men undergoing treatment, compared to 60 % of the women.”

On the question, the conduct of the men, who are less likely to perform a screening of HIV than women, and therefore begin later antiretroviral therapy. They are also more likely to interrupt their treatment, studies show.

Pride misplaced

To Michel Sidibé, Unaids executive director, “the concept of manhood conquering and all associated stereotypes make it difficult for the men to have protected sex, get tested, treat – and even to talk about sex. But the men must take their responsibilities. This false pride kills.”

James McIntyre, a clinician specializing in the HIV and CEO of the Anova Health Institute in Johannesburg, judge the report “bold and timely”. It’s been several years that he called to deal specifically men. the “We must realize that we’ll never end this epidemic unless we target them more specifically to the men,” he concludes in Science.

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