57% of European organizations suffered a cyber attack that blocked access to their systems in 2021

This year measure the digital trust in organizations has become a priority. For this reason, it is necessary to measure and integrate KPIs in this 2022 to ensure privacy, reputation and resilience in the development of the business in the face of the frequency of attacks and leaks. According to the most recent data from IDC 57% of European organizations suffered a ransomware attack that blocked access to their systems in 2021, although it is not the only threat that companies face.

For its part, IDC has ensured that 90% of companies are tackling an IT strategy shift where cybersecurity is back in the top three investment priorities predicting that this market in Spain will exceed 1,749 million euros in 2022, that is, 7.7% more than in 2021. In addition, the sector that will grow the most in investment in security will be the Public Administration with 8.3% according to the consultant.

“User management, identity and access gain prominence in security operations”

In this regard, he declares José Antonio Cano, director of analysis and consulting at IDC in Spain, explained that “the combination of the current threat landscape, the enormous digital transformation that has taken place in the last two years and the shift to business models that prioritize digital means that protecting the network and guaranteeing the operational capacity in every moment has become a priority for the security team. The management of users, identity and access are gaining prominence in security operations”.

According to IDC Research Spain, by 2023, 55% of organizations will allocate half of their security budgets to cross-technology ecosystems/platforms designed for rapid consumption and unified security to drive agile innovation.

Ransomware will still be a major risk in 2022

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At the same time, the main novelty for 2022 according to IDC is that IoT security emerges as a priority in information security technologies for 27% of companies. The need to protect assets outside of the traditional IT domain, network convergence, and an expanding attack surface have made IoT security the number one concern for more than half of organizations. Given this, Cano has pointed out that “what it is about is achieving comprehensive security coverage for IT, IoT and OT systems and assets, and balancing security, risk and operational priorities to optimize resilience”. For this move, maintaining the security and reliability of legacy systems is already a concern for 71% of European organizations.

cloud security

Along other lines, IDC Spain estimates that in 2022 the trend of adopting security as a Service will be confirmed by at least 38% of companies, since the massive migration to cloud migration demands intrinsic security to safeguard profits. business.

Finally, it is important to mention that security teams are overloaded. Consolidating security infrastructure using a “best-of-breed” approach, automating and orchestrating to improve security efficiency, and hiring managed security services where equipment lacks coverage are key strategic recommendations in the current scenario.