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5G is a factor behind foldable smartphones and cloud gaming

And then there's video.

Combined with 5G, foldable smartphones wants to prove their worth when you can watch a crisp, sharp 4K resolution video on a tablet-sized screen when you're out and about, away from a WiFi connection.

"Consuming high-quality video is going to be as easy as [streaming] music," Amon said.

The importance of streaming video on our smartphones can not be downplayed – it's something that more and more is being done on our smartphones every year. If it's not important to you, it What important to almost 170 million people around you in 2018 in the US alone, according to data from Statista.

But for many people, the most noticeable benefit of 5G-enabled foldable phones is coming in the form of connecting with friends and family.

With 5G and foldable smartphones, Amon is projecting a time when we're connecting with friends and family in instant, high-resolution everywhere, not just in our homes, on our WiFi networks.

4K [with] instant response [and] no lag … it's like virtual presence, "Amon said." Things have existed but have never been successful, like video chatting, are going to be awesome. "Every person in the world wants to be a broadcaster with a 4K camera in their hand."

I've been arguing that video chatting is successful today. But then again, I have not tried lag-free 4K resolution video chatting on 5G, 4G LTE days and wonder how to manage choppy, laggy, pixelated video-chatting.

If you're on a fast and responsive WiFi network. But 5G, 5G, means we can bring that experience wherever we are, not just with a WiFi connection.

So think about it, and then consider it on a screen that's two or three times the size of your phone screen. It's pretty simple: 5G on a foldable phone wants to make the social media experience better.


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