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5G “life-saving”, Zte launches the t-shirt for telemonitoring of health

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Zte in the field for health. It’s called YouCare and it’s the new remote health monitoring service, based on a new revolutionary wearable technology, totally textile, washable and easy to use.

The innovation, totally Made in Italy, is able to detect a large number of bio-vital parameters of the individual and to transmit them, in an intelligent way, thanks to 5G.

The project focuses on the use of revolutionary textile devices, that is a t-shirt without metallic components and with sensors natively “immersed” in the fabric, which was presented today, in front of the world press, during the Mobile World Congress in progress held in Barcelona.

“We are particularly proud to be partners of this extraordinary innovation – he explains Mr. Peng Aiguang, Svp di Zte Corporation and President Europe and American Region – We firmly believe that our 5G technology is the key to improving the quality of life ”.

YouCare enables the detection of bio-vital parameters never detected before by textile sensors, such as a “real” electrocardiogram, the analysis of respiratory acts and sweat components, muscular effort, body temperature and allows transmission, through ultra-fast connection 5G Zte to health and control centers, as well as to individual users.

“It is an invention that will change the life and the quality of home and remote care for the many citizens experiencing health problems and for vulnerable people suffering from chronic diseases, guaranteeing accessibility to the assistance and support services of our national and international network. – points out Francesco Rocca, President of the Italian Red Cross, and President of Ifrc – We have been working on the project since 2018 and being able to present today the results of this important experiment, born in the most difficult moment of the Covid emergency, allows us to think with pride on the progress made so far and to look to the future with the hope and certainty of having given demonstration of the commitment, ability and dedication of the Red Cross network, in the use and dissemination of new technologies at the service of the person and society “.

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How YouCare works

The patented and certified textile technology develops new health protection services in the areas of telemedicine, work, sport, and the well-being of the person in general.

Telemedicine: how to activate a valid hospital-doctors-territory network

By monitoring health, stress and active life behaviors, the safety of people, the elderly and sportspeople is improved.

The bio-vital parameters of YouCare are detected by imperceptible polymeric sensors “soaked” in the tissue and are sent to a miniaturized control unit that records the data, converts them into digital format, sending them thanks to 5G to a bidirectional platform that transmits them to the smartphone or to the user’s smartwatch and to a remote unit that analyzes the values ​​with a medical software.

“From the very first moment – highlights Umberto Sgambati, CEO of the Proge Groupr spa which, through the Start-Up Let’s Web-earable Solutions, has created the sensorized “SmartTshirt” – we believed and invested in what seemed to us a totally revolutionary idea, and which today is a concrete reality, just certified as Medical Device, and which has been enriched with the predictive algorithms of cardiovascular disorders of BSP-Medical, a world leader in the field of Medical Data Science “.

“We believe in talent and talents – he adds Hu Kun, CEO of Zte Italia and President of Zte Western Europe – and we intend to continue to make our contribution to technological development with an Italian matrix and global significance. For this reason, starting from next autumn, we will launch a test action on YouCare within our 5G Innovation and Research Center located in L’Aquila “


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