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5S online voting is ready

The Five Stars movement it could change course once again. After reassurances of With you and Di Maio to Salvini on the Diciotti case, the penastellos could reverse using the alibi of online voting to unload the government ally. Among the words of Di Maio who had opened up to a possible "no" to the authorization to proceed and the possible vote on the web is the Abruzzese sting that burns on the skin of the 5 Stars. The frost on the Tav has then completed the picture: the grillini are preparing to hit Salvini. The online voting in the last hours, as underlined by theAdnkronos, she returned strongly on the table of the high floors of the Movement.

The voting scheme on the Rousseau platform would be ready. To vote would be the members who could then decide with a click the fate of deputy prime minister Salvini. This would allow Di Maio to wash his hands and discharge responsibility on the members. Online voting can not be ignored by MPs. They will have to follow the directions coming from the base. In case of a "yes" victory, the doors would open for authorization to proceed and therefore there is the risk that a serious government crisis could be opened …


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