6.37 million euros defrauded or unduly collected

At the end of May, the government announced the launch of a plan to combat social fraud ; fraud which would cost between six and eight billion euros per year to the French State and would be mainly due to professionals. We are talking about a very wide range of shenanigans. In 2022, health insurance recovered, in the Grand Est, 13 million euros (M€) improperly paid, including 6.37 M€ for Alsace. This concerns fictitious, poorly rated medical acts, consumer abuse, falsification of prescriptions, drug trafficking, etc.

Controls are carried out by various organizations including the Urssaf, the Caf, the CPAM and the medical services. Dr Frédéric Gauvin is the head of the fight against fraud for the Grand Est medical service : “The amount of the indus increases from year to year, no doubt because the agents in charge of the control are stronger and stronger, because we are specializing. “Our investigation methods are more and more precise, our tools…

2023-06-05 17:59:45

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