6.5 billion apartments also came out… Apgujeong, reconstruction and house prices skyrocket

Input: 2020.11.14 04:00

[땅집고] Apartment in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, which is undergoing reconstruction./Chosun DB

[땅집고] “Hyundai 2nd apartment 198㎡ 1st floor is for sale at 4.95 billion won. It was 250 million won more expensive than the 11th floor in May this year, but it seems that the price will rise further due to a large number of buyers.” (Park In-soo, CEO of Apgujeong Big Rich Certified Brokerage Office)

The reconstruction area in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, which is attracting attention as the nation’s best yolk reconstruction complex, meets the requirements for residents’ consent for the establishment of a cooperative one after another, and the house price is also swaying. This is quite different from the accumulation of apartments in Gangnam area due to the government’s announcement of strengthening the high-priced home ownership tax. As the reconstruction of Apgujeong-dong, which has been sluggish for a long time, is gradually becoming visible, demand for investment is increasing, and the reported prices are gradually renewing, mainly in large apartments.

■ Reports in the Apgujeong-dong area one after another 6 billion KRW apartments also appeared

Apgujeong-dong apartment transaction volume in October this year was only 6 cases. However, two of them are sold at the declared price, and the price is strong. On the 15th of last month, Hyundai 7th car’s 157m2 (hereinafter referred to as exclusive area) was sold for 4.19 billion won (13th floor), exceeding the previous high by 190 million won. Hyundai 6th car’s 144㎡ also changed hands at the reported price of 3.6 billion won on the 13th of last month.

[땅집고] Apgujeong District District Unit Plan. It is divided into six areas and reconstruction is underway. /Seoul City
Apartment prices in the Apgujeong-dong area have risen to the center of large-scale housing since August-September this year. Last August, Hyundai 7th car’s 245㎡ was traded at 6.5 billion won, up 1.25 billion won from the previous high price of 5.25 billion won. It surpassed 6 billion won for the first time among apartments in Apgujeong. In September, the 9th 152㎡ of Shin-Hyundai was changed to 4.2 billion won, up 700 million won from three months ago, and the reported price was written.

Park In-soo, CEO of Apgujeong, said, “Recently, there are many investment inquiries to find an apartment of 40 pyeong, but the number of sales is so small that it is sold at new prices as it comes out.” There is a lot of demand for them to dispose of other houses and change into larger ones.”

■ Expectations for full-scale business by securing consent rate for reconstruction

[땅집고 압구정동 구현대 아파트 입구에 내걸린 현수막. /전현희 기자

압구정동에 매매 수요가 몰리는 이유는 우선 재건축 사업 추진 기대감이 높아졌기 때문이다. 압구정 최대 구역인 3구역이 지난 9일에, 압구정 1·2 구역이 지난 11일에 잇따라 조합설립을 위한 주민 동의율 75%를 넘겼다. 압구정 4·5구역은 이미 동의율 75% 이상을 확보하고 이달 중 조합설립 절차에 들어간다. 이에 따라 압구정지구 6개 구역 중 5개 구역이 모두 조합 설립을 눈앞에 두게 됐다.

최근 압구정 재건축이 급물살을 탄 것은 정부 규제와도 관련이 깊다. 내년 이후 조합설립인가를 신청하는 재건축 단지는 조합원들이 분양을 받기 위해 2년간 실거주해야 한다는 소식이 알려지자, 규제를 피하기 위해 주민 동의 절차를 서둘렀고, 소유주들이 대거 동참하며 빠르게 동의율을 달성한 것. 이은형 건설정책연구원 책임연구원은 “2년 실거주 의무 요건을 피한 단지들은 기존 주민뿐 아니라 신규 매수자도 조합설립 이전에 매입하면 거주 요건 없이 조합원 자격을 얻을 수 있어 투자성이 높아질 수 있다”고 말했다.

■ 매물 없고 수요 늘어나…“가격 당분간 강세”

[땅집고] A banner hung at the entrance of the apartment building in Apgujeong-dong. / Reporter Jeon Hyun-hee
In response to the government’s reinforcing the taxation of high-priced housing by raising the official housing price realization rate up to 90%, some analysts say that investors are concentrated in a’smart house’ in areas like Apgujeong-dong rather than multi-households. Hak-Ryeol Kim, director of the Smart Tube Real Estate Research Institute, said, “A 84㎡ apartment in local cities such as Busan and Ulsan costs 1.5 billion won, but since Apgujeong apartments are around 2 billion won, investors judge it to be relatively inexpensive.” “Isn’t it possible for investors with funds and even foreigners to seek a house with the feeling of’let’s add a few more billion won and bury it in Seoul’.”

Apartment prices in Apgujeong-dong are expected to remain strong as there are not many traditionally for sale. Lee Sang-woo, CEO of Invade Investment Advisory, said, “As apartments in the Apgujeong area have been occupied for more than 40 years, the burden of comprehensive real estate tax will not be significant as there are many owners who have held it for more than 10 years.” As it is difficult to get a sale on the market, there is a possibility that the uptrend will continue for the time being.” /Reporter Jeon Hyun-hee [email protected]



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