6 Benefits of Push Up for Body Health, Increase Body Vitality

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Merdeka.com – The benefits of push ups are very useful to support your health. Push up is a sport that is very flexible because it can be done anywhere, anytime both men and women. Especially for those of you who are too busy with work, then push ups can be used as an alternative sport.

To do push-ups you don’t need special tools, it can even be practiced when you wake up. Push ups are movements that rely on the hands and are useful for forming muscles in the arms and abdomen. It sounds very simple, but if it is often practiced, push ups will have many benefits, especially for the health of your body.

Routine push ups will help maintain the health of your internal organs, one of which is the heart. There are many more benefits that you will get by doing this push up sport. Want to know? Here are the benefits of push ups for body health that have been summarized from various sources.

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Increase Body Vitality

One of the benefits of push ups for health is that it can increase body vitality. Because many people haven’t or don’t even realize that when doing push-ups, the muscles in your biceps will stretch.


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Stretching the biceps is what will be able to increase flexibility. So this will also make your body’s vitality increase and it is very important to maintain your body’s health.

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Improve Posture

Improving posture is also a benefit of further push ups. Everyone will certainly crave a good form of posture, especially men. Because, many of the majority of men if they have a big and muscular posture it will make it look manly.



By doing push ups, will be able to trigger the core muscles so that they will become strong which automatically also makes the body shape become muscular and ideal as well. In addition, this push up exercise movement will also make your body will get used to being in a good position.

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Improve Heart Health

The benefits that you will get by regularly doing push-ups are improved heart health. In a study showing push ups done 40 times in a row, 96 percent will make someone free from heart disease.

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If push ups are done routinely it will also form and strengthen muscles so that the heart organ is much healthier. When doing push ups, the heart is able to work harder to distribute clean blood that is oxygen-rich blood into muscle tissue. Even this will also have a good impact on the health of the cardiovascular system found in your body.

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Increase Muscle Growth

Increasing muscle growth is also one of the next benefits that you can get by doing push ups. If push ups are done and applied every day on a regular basis, they will form major and minor muscle groups very effectively.

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The muscles in your body will be stimulated to become denser when push ups are done frequently. The higher the mass used in training the muscles, the more likely the production and release of human growth hormone or HGH will be. Push-up movements using a lot of muscles can trigger muscle growth.

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Prevent Shoulder and Back Injuries

There are also other benefits of push ups for the health of your body that is able to prevent shoulder and back injuries. It is known that your back is an important part of your body and is useful for supporting all movements.

While the shoulder has a responsibility to protect the bones of your arm. By doing push ups regularly eating will help you in strengthening these body parts.

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Prevent Osteoporosis

Physical activity that is often done will be able to get you bones in good health too. One of the physical activities that make bones healthy is push ups.

When doing push ups, you automatically have a low risk of osteoporosis. Push ups can maintain the density of your bones to avoid osteoporosis.

Now that was a benefit of push ups for body health that has been summarized from various sources. Hopefully this information can help you in maintaining health through sports activities, one of which is push ups because you already know some of the benefits. Good luck.



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