6 foods to feel more active and in a better mood

Did you know that in addition to ensuring better health for our body, choosing the right foods could also give you an extra dose of good humor? Foods that will be responsible for raising your serotonin and endorphin levels (those known as ‘happiness hormones’) and that always combined with a balanced diet can help you improve your mood.

In fact, just as we have identified the 4 types of food that can make you feel depressed, this time we want to propose that you add to your shopping cart the following list of foods with which you will feel more active and improve your mood.

6 foods to feel more active and in a better mood


This type of vegetable is rich in group B vitamins and specifically B6, whose main mission is to get an extra serotonin, that great ally to make us feel happy. To this we must add other benefits such as the activation of the tanning process in our skin, which combats constipation, helps to have healthy teeth and in the case of women, helps regulate the menstrual cycle because it improves blood flow. of the body.

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While its anti-inflammatory properties have made it one of the most popular foods in healthy diets, its high concentration of bromelain, responsible for raising tryptophan levels, helps reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is also a good ally in our diet to improve our mood.

In addition, it is rich in vitamins B1, B6 and C, it increases the production of melatonin (a hormone in charge of sleep), so it helps to sleep and rest better. A factor also essential to help you be happier.


Red fruits such as blueberries or strawberries also have a positive effect on mood. On the other hand, they are also responsible for satisfying the stomach and to this we must add their antidepressant properties that help stabilize the mood and that, combined with a good diet, help stabilize the mood and provide tranquility.


Nutrition experts never tire of recommending them for their folic acid, for being rich in beta-carotene, for their rejuvenating properties, their benefits for eyesight, their high nutritional content, but also for their ability to balance our moods due to their high dose of Vitamin B9. This is responsible for increasing serotonin, so they are perfect for regulating mood, sleep…


This green leafy vegetable also helps combat irritability because it is rich in Vitamin B9 (folic acid). It helps us to more easily develop feelings of joy and pleasure, while it is a powerful anti-aging food.


Did you know that high doses of Vitamin C from oranges help reduce the chances of suffering from depression? This is because it reduces levels of vanadium, a mineral that is commonly linked to an increased risk of depression. Something to which must be added its vitamin B content, which provides essential nutrients for the nervous system to function properly.

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The relationship between diet and sport with mood

At the same time that numerous investigations have shown that there are certain foods and their components that are capable of acting on the nervous system, modifying mood, behavior and cognitive abilities; something very similar also happens with the practice of physical exercise.

That is why, in addition to ensuring good nutrition, it is important to spend time doing daily physical activity. In this way, you will help to further increase the levels of endorphins that also increase with the practice of exercise. So do not hesitate to combine a healthy diet and keep your body activated at the same time, the results and the mood will be even better.

Evidence of this is that there are several studies that have observed how people who exercise regularly have much better mental health than those who follow a sedentary lifestyle.