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6 signs that you have previously been infected with the Coronavirus without knowing it

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With the high percentage of Corona virus cases worldwide, which amounts to more than 80%, some experts said that the infection may be very mild, or low in extent, so that it is very difficult to distinguish between symptoms and symptoms of a viral defect or influenza-like infection, which means that it may be There are many people who have already fought the virus, and successfully defeated it, without actually knowing it, according to the “Times of India” website.

Signs that you may have contracted Corona without knowing it

Fever that lasts more than three days

Having a low-grade fever for more than three days could be a sign of an infection COVID, Especially if it is accompanied by a headache, runny or itchy nose, according to WHO figures, and it has reported nearly 87% of cases. COVID Certain sudden onset of fever, so it is definitely wise to review your symptoms in the past months.

Reduced or lost sense of smell and taste

A change in how your olfactory senses detect odors could be a warning sign of an infection COVID. According to doctors, loss of the sense of smell or taste, also known as loss of the sense of smell, is observed in the mildest infections, and it often occurs when viral remnants attack the mucous membranes of the nose, impairing your ability to fully detect smells. Recent studies have also concluded that there are, in fact, certain odors that patients cannot COVID Identification of them, including coconut oil and peppermint, and a persistent reduced sense of smell for several months after the infection clears up. If you also have gastrointestinal problems or feel a decreased appetite, that could mean that as well COVID.

dry cough

There is a very specific type of cough that is linked to an infection COVID A dry cough for some, a dry, harsh cough accompanied by a sore throat may be an indication of an active infection with the Coronavirus, and therefore it is really important to look for this sign again, in milder cases, a person can cough alone, and not suffer No other sign whatsoever, what makes a diagnosis COVID More difficult, a dry cough is usually associated with allergies and external pollutants so, if you have had a long-lasting dry cough when the allergy season wasn’t specific, it might be COVID.

Redness of the eye

Eye redness and runny tears may be annoying, and it can also be a sign of mild conjunctivitis that is fueled by the Coronavirus It could be a possible way the virus could be transmitted when you constantly touch your eyes and skin around your face with dirty hands or come into contact with the virus through the transmission of an aerosol.

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Rashes on toes infected with Coronavirus

Rashes and fingers COVID Unique, which appears especially in young children, is the latest symptom COVID That confuses people can happen when the virus causes active inflammation in the body, causing the skin of the hands, abdomen, feet, or around the toes to turn red, swollen, and itchy.

For babies, who have few or no symptoms, this may be the sign to look out for.

Chest pain and shortness of breath

Shortness of breath can be a sign of low oxygen saturation, and it requires medical support that can also be a sign of a mild infection with a virus COVID If it is accompanied by a cough or cold.

Since shortness of breath is also a sign that patients suffer COVID After the infection is defeated, it will likely be a sign that goes unnoticed for those unaware of the signs and symptoms.

For those with a severe infection, blue lips, discomfort, disorientation, and decreased cognition may also be possible.

Check the schedule for your symptoms

This does not mean that we suggest that having all these symptoms means that you have definitely had a corona, but experts suggest that people who fell ill in the first months of the year, that is, from January to April may be suffering from COVID-19 At the time we are only starting to recognize and learn the symptoms.

Some studies have also suggested that the case history from November and December 2019 could also be an indicator of prevalence COVID , In very mild shapes.


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