6 Thousand Children Exposed to Covid-19 in Yogyakarta During the Pandemic

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia —

The Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) in the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) recorded 6,663 cases of exposed children corona virus throughout the pandemic Covid-19.

The chairman of IDAI DIY, Sumadiono said, based on his records as of June 20, 2021, 12.7 percent of the total Covid-19 cases in DIY were children aged zero to 18 years.

“In Yogyakarta, 12.7 percent of children were confirmed positive or 6,663 cases of children out of 52,641 total cases (as of June 20),” said Sumadiono during an online press conference session, Saturday (26/6).

This situation, continued Sumadiono, puts DIY in fifth position for the province with the number of Covid-19 cases in pediatric patients.

“There has been a spike in child Covid cases in DIY. The highest as of June 20, 2021, there were 708 new cases added. Previously, on June 13, the increase in cases was 436, in the previous weeks there were an average of 257 new cases per week,” explained Sumadiono.

Considering the number of residents of DIY which is not too much compared to other provinces, which is around 3.67 million, IDAI sees the number of Covid-19 cases in DIY is quite high.

Meanwhile, IDAI assessed that the spike in cases in children in June 2021 was suspected to be due to the weak implementation of health protocols. Many parents neglect to take their children to crowd sources or do not equip their children with adequate personal protective equipment.

“With the sharp increase in the number of total Covid-19 cases in DIY, it means that the sources of transmission in the community are increasing, and children are becoming increasingly vulnerable
higher risk of contracting it compared to the previous period,” he explained.

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IDAI also recorded seven cases of death in pediatric patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. The age range was less than one year for the youngest patients and 17 years for the oldest.

Some of them are known to have comorbidities or comorbidities, including lung metastatic bone cancer, Costello syndrome, epilepsy, malnutrition, and leukemia. One patient in the coincident status (occurring simultaneously) had dengue fever.

IDAI concluded that the mortality rate in pediatric patients is low. That is only 0.09 percent.

“Severity and mortality due to Covid-19 in children is lower than adults, but if children are confirmed they can infect other people, especially those in the same household or close contacts. Including adults and seniors, have comorbidities or not,” he explained.

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